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Spa Treatments For Men: How To Bring In New Clients

Men’s interest in their overall health and wellness is on the rise and the spa is an important part of that — whether it’s to relax, treat themselves, or take care of their skin with the occasional professional facial treatment. In the past, spa treatments have been primarily marketed to women. But the notion that only women are interested in the spa is outdated and frankly, a little short-sighted. If you’re a spa professional, it may be time to learn how to bring men and male-identifying Clients into your spa room to boost your bottom line. Let's explore the ideal spa day treatments for men and what makes an exceptional experience.

Are Men Interested In Spa Treatments?

Are you limiting your spa’s client base by not appealing to men? According to ISPA’s Consumer Snapshot Study, almost half of all spa-goers are men at 49% (up from 29% in 2005). If your clientele falls short of that, you could be missing out on a big piece of a lucrative pie.

Health and wellness are not just for women — and men know this! Spa treatments are a great way for men to get in that #selfcare. In fact, ISPA President Lynn McNees says that the desire to reduce or relieve stress is the number one reason people visit a spa — regardless of gender. So, how can you attract more men into your spa?   

4 Ways To Attract Men To Your Spa

1. Create A Sense Of Belonging 

According to ISPA’s 2016 Consumer Snapshot, men are less likely to visit a spa if they’re not familiar with or comfortable in the spa environment. You can help men feel welcome at your spa in a number of ways. To start, examine your spa atmosphere and ask yourself who it might appeal to. Does your space, treatment menu and marketing speak to all genders? If not, it could be time for an update. In fact, American Spa’s 2020 Trend Report lists “gender-neutral” skin care as one of the top trends of the year. And this category will only continue to grow!

To capitalize on this evolution, you might consider changing out any overly or traditionally gendered décor in your space and going for a clean, modern aesthetic that feels welcoming to all. It’s also a good idea to replace gender-specific language in your marketing communication with more universal and gender-neutral verbiage.

Another option is to segment your email list to target specific demographics in your customer base. For example, Dori Soukup of InSPAration Management tells DAYSPA magazine: “You should be targeting men separately for specific promotions.” She suggests segmenting your email database so that you can target men and women separately, but also combine everyone on your broader marketing newsletter when needed.

Man getting a facial massage

2. Educate Clients On What To Expect

Another way to create the ultimate spa day for men is to provide clear direction and educate them on what to expect. For anyone new to the spa experience, a little extra communication goes a long way in helping them to relax, which is why they came to you in the first place! DAYSPA Magazine suggests easing any “first-time anxiety in advance by pre-answering questions of what to expect throughout his spa visit.” For example, make sure you have clear, concise descriptions of each service on your spa menu or website. Posting spa etiquette guidelines in waiting areas or change rooms can also be helpful.

And finally, ensure your estheticians and practitioners are providing clear direction on how their Clients should prepare for a treatment. This includes keeping their Clients informed throughout the service and even explaining what to do when they leave the room. We promise — it’s better to provide too much information than not enough!    

3. Make Spa Attendance & Booking Convenient 

To encourage men to start frequenting your spa, you’ll want to remove any of the barriers (mental or physical) that are causing them to take pause. Spa owner Tracy Whynot tells DAYSPA that convenience is important to men who visit her spa. Think: easy online booking systems, introductory skin care options, a men-specific service menu, or preset men’s spa packages to avoid overwhelming choices. Convenient services will remove potential obstacles and enable a new spa-Client relationship to grow and flourish. 

4. Tailor Your Spa Treatments

Just like all Clients, men want their spa and facial treatments customized to their unique skin concerns! And while many of the skin care needs of men are the same as women (we’re looking at you, SPF every day!), there are some differences. For example, men’s skin tends to be thicker and produces more sebum (oil) than women’s skin. This means they can typically handle more physical exfoliation and can be the reason why men often prefer lighter-weight moisturizers.

Not to mention, facial hair requires its own special care and maintenance whether the man shaves or not. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a wide range of skin care treatments and product options to address any skin concern you come across. Because, as American Spa puts it, “The truth of the matter is, regardless of gender identity, we all need to take care of our skin.”  

Retaining Your Clients

So, now that you have these welcoming strategies to attract men into your spa, how do you keep them for the long term? The good news is that the most effective way to retain new Clients who are men is the same way to retain any client: provide a great experience. Still not exactly sure what men want? Just ask! After all, loyalty is all about getting to know your Clients as individuals (regardless of gender) to successfully address their underlying needs and skin concerns. Chat with Clients face to face, or if you have an email database, occasionally send out a customer feedback survey. You may learn more about the needs of all your Clients as a result! 

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