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How To Apply Eye Cream: Are You Doing It Wrong?

Crow’s feet, undereye bags, dark circles … the eye area can be a pileup of your worst skin care nightmares. Because this area is delicate and particularly vulnerable to skin issues, it’s important to apply eye cream properly. Concerned that you’re doing it wrong? Here’s the Eminence Organics guide on how to use eye cream correctly and why you even need it in the first place:

What To Do Before You Apply 

It sounds simple, but one of the first things you should do is prepare the area before application. Make sure you wipe away all traces of makeup with our Herbal Eye Makeup Remover or an oil-based cleanser like Stone Crop Cleansing Oil. If you’re sporting eyelash extensions, we recommend our Herbal Eye Makeup Remover for lifting away all signs of makeup without damaging your fragile extensions. After cleansing, you may also want to use our Naseberry Eye Exfoliant. This award-winning product exfoliates gently with fruit enzymes, improving and toning the texture of your skin.


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How To Apply Eye Cream - Regular

The best way to learn how to apply eye cream properly is to watch the video above as Lead Skin Care Trainer Natalie Pergar demonstrates her technique:

  1. Pump or dispense a pea-sized amount of eye cream

  2. Use ring finger to pat under the eye area. Because it is the weakest finger, the ring finger will apply the least amount of pressure on this delicate skin. According to Allure, a gentle application for eye cream is essential.

  3. For eye areas which are particularly dry, also pat the cream over the brow bone. This additional application should provide extra moisture your skin may need.

  4. Use at night and/or day, as needed.

How To Apply Eye Cream - Rollerball

Natalie also demonstrates how to use a rollerball style eye cream in the video above with the Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream. Here is the Eminence Organics technique for a rollerball-type eye cream:

  1. Pump a pea-sized amount of eye cream.

  2. Sweep under the eye in a circular motion twice.

  3. Then massage in a circular motion all around the eye, including the brow bone.

  4. Use day and/or at night, as needed.

Along with hibiscus and ice wine actives, the stainless steel rollerball in the Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream has a cooling effect which helps rapidly depuff the eye. Want to superboost that soothing rollerball? Just leave it in the fridge to add an extra chill to your application.

Do I Really Need Eye Cream?

You may ask yourself why you need a specialized eye cream and whether an extra dose of regular moisturizer could do the same job. The reason why you need eye cream is because the fragile skin around your eye has an entirely different structure than the skin elsewhere on your face. According to WebMD, eye creams are formulated for this delicate skin and are thicker to provide extra protection. They also contain more actives that target the specific issues that the eye area is prone to. If you’re looking to deflate puffiness, combat crow’s feet or fight those fine lines, creams designed specifically for the eye area should be an essential part of your skin care routine. Find out more about eye care with your favorite authorized Eminence Organics spa partner.

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This article was originally written in June 2018.

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