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6 Steps For Bright Eyes And Long Lashes

While beauty trends come and go, bright eyes and long lashes are always in style. In addition to getting enough rest, drinking lots (and lots!) of water and eating a balanced diet, this six step Eminence Organics routine will help you condition your lashes and minimize the look of dark circles.

Eminence Organics 6 Steps for Bright Eyes and Long Lashes Infographic

1. Remove Heavy Makeup

The first step for healthy lashes is to remove every bit of sticky mascara and eyeliner. Just like the hair on your head, lashes can dry up and become brittle if not properly cared for (Consumer Health Digest). Brittle lashes can break or even become weak and fall out. To keep lashes clean and healthy, start by gently massaging Eminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing Oil on your dry face and eye area to loosen heavy makeup. Rinse the residue away with water and follow with your favorite Eminence Organics cleanser.

2. Deep Clean Lashes

To further condition both your lashes and undereye area, additional makeup removal may be necessary - especially if using waterproof mascara. For step two, soak a cotton swab with Eminence Organics Herbal Eye Makeup Remover and lightly work around the lash line to remove every trace of mascara. Alicia H. from the Eminence Organics’ Product Support Team in Vancouver, Canada says: “This eye makeup remover contains calendula to soothe the skin, comfrey to improve the look of elasticity and rosehip to calm the look of the complexion. Personally, I use some of this eye makeup remover with a cotton swab and massage it on my lashes to make sure all my mascara is off in the evening.”

3. Exfoliate The Eye Area Weekly

While many of us have been trained to stay far away from exfoliating the eye area, gentle chemical exfoliation is extremely beneficial (Dermstore). Not only does exfoliation help treat milia under the eye, but it also combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking firm and bright. For step three, apply Naseberry Eye Exfoliant once a week around the eye area, massaging in a circular motion. Leave on your skin for five minutes and wipe away with a damp cloth. Alicia also notes that “naseberry fruit helps to softly exfoliate the delicate areas around the eyes to lift and suspend all the remains left from everyday products.”

4. Apply Eye Mask Weekly

Just like applying a mask to the rest of your face, an eye mask provides a potent medley of ingredients to deeply nourish the eye area and address any concerns. Once a week, following the Naseberry Eye Exfoliant, gently tap our Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream onto the delicate eye area. It contains a Smart Collagen+ Complex with minerals, amino acids and botanicals to improve the appearance of skin with fewer fines lines and wrinkles.

5. Cool And Soothe

Applying cooling cucumber to the eye area is a classic beauty routine for a reason. Perfect to brighten the undereyes, “Cucumbers contain antioxidants which are thought to reduce irritation, while the cooling effect reduces swelling” (Huffington Post). One of Eminence’s award-winning products, our Cucumber Eye Gel provides relief for tired and stressed eyes. Gently tap Cucumber Eye Gel into eye contours daily, both morning and night, and leave on to soothe and reduce the look of puffiness.

6. Revitalize And Protect

To actively target the appearance of dark circles, signs of fatigue and the look of fine lines, the final step to brighter eyes and longer lashes is applying our best-selling Wild Plum Eye Cream. Following the Cucumber Eye Gel, apply Eminence Organics Wild Plum Eye Cream to the entire eye area, also leaving it on the skin. Containing iron-rich plum, this eye cream visibly brightens the look of dark circles under the eyes. With this simple six step routine, you’ll soon be flaunting the brightest eyes and healthiest lashes of your life.

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This article was originally written in March 2018. 

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