Acne Face Map: What Are Your Breakouts Telling You?

Breakouts are a bummer. We all know the feeling (shock, despair, even awe) of spotting an angry zit on an otherwise flawless complexion. Before you raise your fists to the sky and desperately demand “Why me?!” take a breath. There is more to breakouts than meets the eye - and where they appear on your face can be the key to stopping them for good. Here is your guide to using a face map to decode what your breakouts are telling you.

Forehead Hairline | Cheeks | Chin And Jaw

Forehead: Unhealthy Eating And Stress

Are pimples popping up on your forehead? Unhealthy eating and stress are probable offenders. In face mapping, your forehead is linked to your digestive and nervous systems, making it susceptible to diet- and stress-related breakouts.

Those pesky pimples can be alleviated by eating less sugar and fewer processed foods, drinking plenty of water and getting between seven to nine hours of sleep. For particularly pesky areas, apply Eminence Organics Clear Skin Targeted Treatment; formulated with tea tree oil and salicylic acid, it controls oil and shrinks pores for a clearer looking complexion.

Hairline: Beauty Product Buildup

Known as “pomade acne,” breakouts along the hairline are often due to beauty product buildup. The oils and chemicals in shampoo and makeup residue can accumulate on the skin’s surface, sinking into and clogging pores.In addition to switching to natural shampoos and conditioners, we recommend adding a double cleanse to your skin care routine. To properly purge your pores, remove makeup with Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, then cleanse on a deeper scale with your favorite Eminence Organics cleanser. This method will help ensure that you remove every last bit of residue from your skin's pores.

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Cheeks: Cell Phone And Pillowcase

If spots are showing up on your cheeks, your cell phone and pillowcase may be to blame. Your phone accumulates plenty of bad-for-your-skin bacteria during the day, and wiping it down is a must - even if it looks clean.

Dr. David E. Bank says: "Pillowcases can cause “acne mechanica” - a type of acne that is the result of materials touching your face." Over time, dirt and oil transfer to your skin, clogging pores and causing blemishes. In addition to choosing natural fabrics, launder pillowcases every two to three days to keep them - and your skin - clean.

Eminence Organics acne face map infographic: What are your breakouts telling you?

Chin And Jaw: Hormones

According to face mapping, hormones could be the cause of blemishes along your chin and jawline. Hormonal acne is caused by an excess of hormones due to menstruation, pregnancy and increased androgen levels. These fluctuations result in inflammation, excessive oil production, clogged skin cells and bacteria production. While it tends to appear in the T-zone during puberty, hormonal acne typically forms along the chin and jawline in adults.

Health magazine suggests eliminating dairy and adding probiotics to your diet to calm inflammation and limit your intake of pimple-producing hormones. Target affected areas with our Eight Greens Collection, which is infused with whole plants and seeds naturally high in phytoestrogens and antioxidants to improve the look of problem skin. Learn more about face mapping in this In The Mix video. .

Do you have any experience with face mapping? We’d love to hear if it helped you identify the underlying causes of your breakouts. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or join the conversation on social media.

This article was originally written in May 2018.