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Flower field at the Eminence Certified Organic Farm in Hungary

Celebrating Our Eco-Friendly Partners

For Earth Month 2018 Eminence Organics is thrilled to celebrate many milestones including planting 10 million trees with Trees For The Future, and now shining the spotlight on two of our amazing green partners. As a Certified B Corporation®, Eminence Organic Skin Care strongly believes in working with other sustainable businesses to maximize our positive impact on the planet. Two businesses we are proud to work with include TPH - The Printing House and Novex Delivery Solutions.

We were lucky enough to conduct interviews with both companies to learn more about what being eco-friendly and sustainable means to TPH and Novex. From environmentally friendly materials to low emission vehicles, learn how our partners are quintessential in helping Eminence lead the spa industry in environmental initiatives.

Staff from TPH working outdoorsRebecca Stewart, TPH

TPH has worked with Eminence Organic Skin Care since the beginning of 2017. Located in Canada, TPH is proud to offer environmentally friendly printing services to a wide array of businesses while continuing to offset their carbon footprint. For example, for every new account, TPH plants a tree to support Canadian reforestation.

Why is being sustainable important to TPH?

Social responsibility and sustainability have been cornerstones of the value system at TPH®. Over time, what we have always believed to be good, sensible business practices have taken on global importance. From working with customers to meet their sustainability goals, to partnering with conscientious, environmentally responsible suppliers, TPH® is continuously working towards minimizing our footprint and impact on the environment.

How is your organization committed to being eco-friendly?

TPH continuously seeks advancement, progress and growth across our four cornerstones of sustainability:

  1. People: We strive to be positive influences in the lives of our employees and in the communities in which we operate;
  2. Product/Paper: We find better ways to create our products – whether through innovation, efficiency, or increased use of more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and methods;
  3. Planet: We aim to reduce our environmental footprint through continuous improvement in our own operations and in our choice of suppliers;
  4. Partnerships: We will engage with key stakeholders and collaborate with partners to improve ourselves and our industry.

What do you think is an easy way any organization can commit to being sustainable?

When it comes to being sustainable, it’s important to remember that small changes have a big impact. Implementing a new green practice in your office each month is an easy way for employees and the company to stay committed to sustainability.  

Fleet of Novex eco-friendly vehiclesBrett Surgenor, Novex

Novex has been working with Eminence Organics for over 15 years. The number one green courier service in the lower mainland of British Columbia, just like Eminence, Novex is also a Certified B Corporation®.

Why is being sustainable important to Novex?

Conducting business in a sustainable and socially responsible manner is something that has been deeply ingrained in our company since the early 2000s. As a company operating in an industry known to be a major GHG polluter, we decided it was time to put the pedal to the metal on a progressive zero emission delivery goal and move away from the conventional gas-powered courier model. We care about how Novex impacts the environment and it’s our job to make responsible decisions about how our customers’ packages get from point A to B.

How is your organization committed to being eco-friendly?

We have over 100 couriers, all of whom own their own vehicles and have bought into our green philosophy. Within the fleet, we have more hybrids on the road than any other same-day courier. Since our fleet is not fully electric, we have partnered with Offsetters to achieve carbon neutral status by purchasing premium carbon offsets derived from high quality greenhouse gas reduction projects in BC.

We have also been proactive ensuring that we are equally as sustainable within our office. A few of our achievements include reducing paper by 75%, electricity by 42% and natural gas by 100% since 2005, as well as signing up for the City of Richmond’s Adopt-A-Street program.

What do you think is an easy way any organization can commit to being green?

Start simple. A misconception that some companies having about becoming green oriented is that it costs money and you need to either go all in or not at all.

As a city [Vancouver] that is under the spotlight to become the greenest city in the world by 2020, there so many engaging seminars and workshops surrounding sustainability and social responsibility within Vancouver. My advice – attend as many as possible! There are so many insights and ideas that you can take from other people and implement into your own company.

Lastly, use a green courier! Scope 3 emissions are generally the largest contributor to a company’s carbon footprint and this can be eliminated by using a company like Novex.   

We are proud to partner with many amazing eco-friendly businesses, and are thrilled to learn more about their dedication to sustainability not just during Earth Month, but all year long. What does your company or business do to help the environment? Let us know in  the comments below or tell us on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube.

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