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Eminence Organic Skin Care Routines For Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters

Eminence Organic Skin Care Routines For Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters

With the Game Of Thrones season finale just around the corner, we at Eminence Organics can’t help but wonder what self care would look like for our favorite Game Of Thrones characters. When they aren’t clamoring for the Iron Throne, evading White Walkers or flying high on the backs of dragons, we like to imagine this bunch partaking in some much needed rest and relaxation. Here are our Eminence Organic Skin Care recommendations for a few beloved (and some, overwhelmingly hated) Westerosi.


By now, we’re all aware that winter is coming. For Sansa, that means even greater wear and tear on her youthful skin. The brutal, wintery climate of the North can wreak havoc on a complexion, stripping the skin of moisture and leaving it exposed to the elements.

To restore moisture and protect her skin from future damage, we recommend that Sansa add Eminence Organics Repair & Protect collection, including the Rosehip & Lemongrass Repair Balm, to her skin care routine. This selection of products is infused with a Natural Repair Complex to deeply hydrate the skin and defend it against the harsh dryness of the seasons, leaving it soft, supple and perfectly protected.


The Mother Of Dragons may be immune to damage by heat, but we still recommend sun protection - particularly when using dragons as a mode of transport. Over time, the sun’s harsh rays can leave skin looking dry and crepey - not a good look for a potential ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

While we appreciate that Daenerys is strapped for time with plans to overthrow Cersei from the Iron Throne, sun care is key to keeping her skin bright and youthful. For no-fuss daily sun protection, we suggest that Daenerys apply Eminence Organics Sun Defense Minerals. At night, a layer of Eminence Organics Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream is sure to keep any emerging dark spots at bay.


Ascending the Iron Throne comes down to shrewd strategy, ruthless cunning and keeping up appearances (by any means necessary). Power-hungry Cersei strives for perfection, and isn’t one to let fine lines and wrinkles stymie her scheming.

We recommend that Cersei add Eminence Organics Age Corrective Ultra collection to her skin care routine. These Advanced Instant Lift fX treatments, which include our Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream, Hibiscus Instant Line Filler and Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream, provide instant anti-aging results, leaving Cersei plenty of time to destroy her rivals.


As for Jorah’s greyscale skin condition, there's no need to wait for Samwell Tarly to embark upon some wince-inducing experimental cure. We recommend bathing in Eminence Organics Facial Recovery Oil and booking an appointment at the nearest Eminence spa ASAP.

Are you a Game Of Thrones fan? Which Eminence Organics products would you recommend for your favorite Game Of Thrones characters? Share your skin care suggestions with us in the comments below!

Watch the trailer for the Game Of Thrones finale on August 27 here: 

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