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Jennifer Beals Shares Her Love For Éminence With US Weekly

She first dazzled us in the 1983 hit Flashdance and continues to enchant us in NBC's The Night Shift - over the years, actress Jennifer Beals has managed to maintain an ageless beauty. A combination of great genetics, a healthy lifestyle and a natural skin care routine are just a few things we think contribute to this stunning celebrity’s youthful-looking skin. 

Although we can’t take credit for Jennifer’s impressive dancing skills, we’re happy to note that we’ve had some influence over her fresh complexion. This celeb beauty recently revealed the contents of her bag to popular publication US Weekly and our Facial Recovery Oil is one of the skin care essentials she can’t leave home without!

This isn’t the first time the star has raved about our products. This social media savvy celebrity frequently tweets and Instagrams about her love for Éminence - our Facial Recovery Oil topping the list of products Jennifer adores:

"[the Facial Recovery Oil is] my favorite karate kick to the Santa Ana Winds and the biting cold of winter."

Jennifer's other Éminence favorites include our Lip Trio Kit.

Curious what other celebrities share Jennifer’s love for Éminence? Check out more celebrity buzz right here on our blog

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