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Career Moms: How These Two Famous Moms Find Balance

Being a mother is a full-time job, so how do working moms maintain a successful career when they already have a full-time job at home? As Mother’s Day approaches, we thought we’d highlight two successful career moms that know what it takes to be effective at home and at work. Here are their tips and tricks on how they stay balanced.

Joy McCarthy

Joy’s resume is nothing short of impressive. In addition to being an amazing mom to her daughter Vienna, she’s also a certified Holistic Nutritionist, a professional speaker, co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well (Toronto’s first integrated nutrition and yoga program) and the author of Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well without Dieting. Her skill set doesn’t stop there, Joy is also a featured nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show and a faculty member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition … now that’s a busy career mom!

Why We Love Her:

We’re truly inspired by Joy’s innate calling to empower, motivate and educate others to live their most “joyous life possible." Her blog at is just one of the ways she shares her healthy philosophy with others through an abundance of wellness, beauty, parenting tips and more. 

Career & Motherhood: How Joy Finds Balance

So how does Joy stay balanced by living her most joyous life at home and at work? To start, she maintains a very organized schedule (and sticks to it): “I literally LIVE by my calendar. I schedule absolutely everything in and that helps me find balance between my family life, work life and social life.” 

Joy is also very realistic in her expectations and claims that maintaining balance is also about being present and focused:

“Since having Vienna, finding balance is something I have found to be quite challenging — but I’m doing my best. Instead of beating myself up that I haven’t answered emails all day, I make an effort to be 100% present in whatever it is that I’m doing. So if I’m taking Vienna out for a walk then I will do my best not to check my phone or if I’m in the office I try to stay very focused.

Éminence Product Favorites:

Joy is also a huge fan of Éminence and includes a natural and organic beauty routine into her busy schedule. One of her favorites is our Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum. According to Joy, it’s “magic potion in a bottle .... Hyaluronic serum is the magic ingredient in here which is natural and made from marshmallow plant extract and it’s so replenishing, so hydrating and great for fine lines.” (

Tori Spelling

No introduction required for this celeb-beauty. A self-proclaimed “MOMpreneur”, Tori balances motherhood with a busy career as an actress, author, designer and foodie. In addition to being a stellar mom to four adorable and energetic children, she’s also the caregiver to four dogs, two chickens, one guinea pig, one real pig, and one bearded dragon!

Why We Love Her

Of course, we’ll forever know and love her as Donna Martin from the popular 90s TV series Beverly Hills 90210, but we also admire her for the huge success of her blog ediTORIal. As the official site of Tori Spelling, she offers helpful and creative advice on a variety of topics including beauty, food, fashion and motherhood.  

Career & Motherhood: How Tori Finds Balance

In an exclusive feature with PopSugar, Tori recently shared her tips on how she makes the most of her very hectic schedule. Tori explains that being so busy means that she needs to make her daily tasks as easy as possible. For example, she recommends “batching tasks” for increased productivity at work and at home. For Tori, this means taking an hour each morning to clean out her email inbox and spending Sunday afternoons prepping food for the week. Tori’s also a huge believer that even simple everyday tasks can become quality time: “Cook dinner together and catch up in the car on the way to school. These little moments are the things your kids will remember when they get older” (PopSugar).

Éminence Product Favorites:

Part of Tori’s philosophy for finding balance includes allocating time to herself - and that includes treating her skin to her favorite beauty products. Introduced to her by celebrity makeup artist, Courtney Hart, Tori's beauty routine includes a few Éminence must-haves like our Stone Crop Gel Wash and Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer.

In what ways do you find balance in your life? Tell us in the comments below. 

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