3 Partner Spas Who Heart Planet Earth

3 Partner Spas Who Heart Planet Earth

Not only do we strive for healthy skin, we dream about a healthy planet. That’s the reason why we plant a tree for every product you buy and we promise to protect the environment with our green practices. We’re also excited to provide Éminence green spa certification for all our qualified partners. Here are three of the many environmentally friendly spas that we’re proud to call partners and that dedicate the same commitment as we do to Planet Earth: 

This luxury organic spa is in Seattle’s first and only certified green hotel, Hyatt at Olive 8.  The building was awarded LEED Silver by the US Green Building Council, a 4 Green Key Eco-Rating and was certified with a Green Seal. Not only does Elaia Spa use our natural, organic and Biodynamic® skin care products, it follows eco-friendly practices for all its services. Similar to our philosophy, Elaia aims to minimize their impact on the Earth.

This award-winning spa in New York not only tops the lists in Conde Nast Travel and Travel + Leisure, it is thoroughly eco-friendly. The 30,000 square foot facility includes a green roof that cultivates shade plants. The roof provides cooling during the summer months, filters air, reduces rain runoff and serves as a home for birds and butterflies.  The building also boasts a completely innovative geothermal temperature system. This no-emissions system is based on 48 ultra-deep wells that use the constant temperature of the Earth to cool and heat the building. 

The first Ritz hotel to achieve LEED Gold certification, this hotel and spa offers a multitude of green-friendly features. The spa only uses eco-friendly spa products like Éminence Organics and the hotel pool is treated and kept pristine without harsh chemicals like chlorine. The hotel roof is planted with 18,000 sedums to provide natural insulation and cooling for the building. Two beehives on this gorgeous green roof also supply all the honey needed for the hotel kitchen and the spa. 

To find out more about what we ask from our Green Spas, you can read through our Green Spa Requirements. You can also find a certified Éminence Green Spa near you by using our Spa Locator and filtering our Green Spas only.  

Have you visited one of our certified Éminence Green Spas? Let us know which one(s) in the comments below. 

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