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Top 10 List: USA TODAY Names Best Hotel Spas

Top 10 List: USA TODAY Names Best Hotel Spas

We love Top 10 lists. Who doesn’t want to know about the best of the best in 10 short sentences? 

To that point, we’re proud to announce that three of our spas have made it onto one of the most definitive Top 10 lists: The USA TODAY Reader’s Choice for Best Hotel Spas. Kudos to The Ritz-Carlton Spa Charlotte, The Ritz-Carlton Spa Amelia Island, and The Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes for landing this prestigious honor. 

And to celebrate, we’re spotlighting the most amazing features of these winning hotel spas - in the form of a Top 10 list, of course. In no particular order, read on about what makes these hotel spas special:


1. The Heaven in a Hammock Massage
Lie back and relax in this beach-inspired zero-gravity treatment.

2. Eucalyptus steam room
Breathe deeply and relax in the eucalyptus-infused steam room, ideal for opening up pores and clearing sinus passages.

3. The Himalayan Salt Crystal Massage
Handcarved crystal massage stones are used to balance the body’s electromagnetic fields and nervous system.


4. Penthouse views
The spa crowns the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte building and spreads out spaciously over two levels.

5. The Honey Detox and Truffle Treatment
Restore your skin with homegrown natural honey, followed by our hydrating and refining Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap. Decadent.

6. Bromine-purified pool
Avoid harsh pool chemicals and take a dip in the spa’s bromine-treated waters.


7. Private rooftop garden
A stunning location on the roof of Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, the spa includes an organic garden that produces the herbs and honey used in their treatments.

8. Bento boxes
Replenish at the Spa Cafe after your treatment and choose from a selection of bento boxes which feature seared tuna, farro salad and more. 
9. Prenatal massage
Moms-to-be choose from a variety of treatments including the charmingly-named “Mellow Mama” and “Yummy Tummy” massages.

10. Cabana packages
Looking for some focused “me” time? Enjoy treatments in your own private cabana and indulge in its luxurious exclusivity. 

What features make it on to your Top 10 wishlist? Let us know in the comments below