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Éminence Goes Big In Pulse Magazine

Eminence Goes Big In Pulse Magazine

We were incredibly excited to see ourselves featured everywhere in ISPA’s December issue of Pulse magazine. What an inspiring way to capture the memories of this year’s ISPA Conference & Expo and our company president Boldijarre Koronczay’s ISPA Visionary of the Year Award. If you have a chance to read ISPA’s December magazine, make sure you check out these sections:

The cover photo of Boldijarre’s session at the conference is a literal snapshot of the spirit of ISPA. The image of guests wholeheartedly enjoying the audience participation at Boldijarre’s presentation captures the camaraderie felt throughout the conference.

ISPA Chairman Michael Tompkins devoted his message to his and Boldijarre’s crowd-wowing performance which involved dapper fashion choices, impersonators and an entertaining dance. As Michael mentioned, joy and laughter were recurring themes and the performance brought both to the hearts of all attendees.

Hit the replay button on Michael and Boldijarre’s performance! ISPA linked a video of the full entertaining act from their magazine.

With photos from the ISPA Visionary Award presentation, Pulse celebrated Boldijarre’s win for the prestigious recognition. Also, thanks to Riversong Spa for posting on Facebook about the award: “So amazing to be in Vegas and celebrating Boldijarre’s ISPA Visionary Award for his contributions to the industry”. 

Thank you to Pulse for embracing our Éminence Kids initiative. Through Éminence Kids, we donate organic fruits, vegetables and foods to sick children around the world, an important priority for us as a company. A key part of Boldijarre’s acceptance speech for ISPA Visionary of the Year, Éminence Kids has served over 1500 meals to sick children in its first year. 

Much appreciation to Pulse for sharing an inspiring event which will be memorable for years to come.