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Grow your own stone crop plant in an Éminence jar

What to do with your empty Éminence product jar you ask? Why not transform it into a cute little home for a tiny little stone crop plant?

Here's how to DIY:

Materials Needed:

  • 1 or 2 Stone Crop Leaves
  • Éminence Jar (either an 8oz or 2oz Jar)
  • Soil
  • Rocks or Gravel
  • Twine (Optional)


  • Grab a fallen leaf or carefully pluck a leaf from a stone crop plant. Make sure that the bud is dry and clean—set aside.
  • Clean out your Éminence jar of any residual product and leave to dry.
  • Once dried, add rocks or gravel to the bottom of your jar to ensure proper drainage. One layer should do it
  • Cover the rocks with soil—making sure that it is loose and aerated. This is important for when the stone crop leaf begins to root.
  • Around the mouth of the jar, wind some twine and tie it into a bow for a rustic touch!
  • Lay your stone crop leaves on top of the soil—there’s no need to bury the leaves in the soil.
  • Lightly water the soil near the end of the stone crop leaf bud. Do not overwater—let the soil dry up before watering again.

Enjoy your new stone crop plant!