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Here’s How To Revive Your Dull Skin

After spending so much time indoors under self-quarantine, our dry, dull skin can look like it’s lapsed into hibernation too. Where did the glow go? Eminence Organics’ antioxidant-rich Mangosteen Collection with proprietary Lactic Acid Complex comes to the rescue with four new products that can be used at home to rev up dull skin: Mangosteen Revitalizing Mist, Mangosteen Gel Moisturizer, Mangosteen Body Lotion, Mangosteen Replenishing Hand Cream. Along with our Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser and Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate, the full collection taps into the power of antioxidants and lactic acid to bring back the glow.

Eminence Organics Mangosteen Collection

How To Get Rid Of Dull Skin 

A skin-nutritious superfruit, mangosteen abounds in unique, biologically active antioxidants that counter damage to the skin from harmful free radicals. The rind of this fragrant purplish-red superfruit contains a special anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial plant compound called xanthone, which improves the dulling, visible signs of aging.  

Formulated with replenishing antioxidants as well as resurfacing lactic acid, the Mangosteen Collection doubles up on reviving your radiance. The collection gently resurfaces your skin, rekindling its natural glow and minimizing and shrinking pores. Replenished and refined, your skin looks fresh, rejuvenated, and ready for action. Watch this In The Mix video where our Lead Skin Care Trainer, Natalie Pergar, shows off the full lineup for renewing your head to toe skin care glow at home:


Best Products For Dry, Dull Skin 

Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser

This milky gel cleanser lathers lightly to gently resurface the skin and deep clean pores. Although it removes buildup, our Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser never over-strips the skin and instead leaves the complexion feeling soft and smooth.

Eminence Organics Mangosteen Revitalizing Mist

Mangosteen Revitalizing Mist

The key to the best beauty regimens is the finish, which is where the Mangosteen Revitalizing Mist comes in. It’s like a wake-up call to your skin. Just a few spritzes is enough to get powerful antioxidants to work, restoring smooth tautness, energy and youthfulness to the way your skin looks.

Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate

The ultimate lightweight concentrate, this product continuously resurfaces and shrinks pores to deliver a silky smooth, high definition finish. Refine and replenish your skin for a flawless, luminous glow with our Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate.

Mangosteen Gel Moisturizer

Some moisturizers can be very heavy duty, but this gel formula is light and effective. The Mangosteen Gel Moisturizer’s deeply hydrating action is the perfect partner to the Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate. Apply after the concentrate for flawless luminosity.

Mangosteen Body Lotion

A new addition to your everyday skin care routine because your body deserves the same moisturizing attention your face does. The beautifully absorbent Mangosteen Body Lotion silkily resurfaces and hydrates your skin for all-over healthy radiance. 

Mangosteen Replenishing Hand Cream

Hands are often left out of the beauty equation, leaving them chapped and unloved. Treat your hard-working hands to our Mangosteen Replenishing Hand Cream. This lavish cream keeps your hands supple and moisturized through its gentle and continuous resurfacing action.

Eminence Organics Mangosteen Collection Review

Reviews For The Mangosteen Collection

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some rave reviews from Mangosteen Collection lovers: 

“I absolutely devour anything with mangosteen ... It’s beyond a superfruit and seems to work magic on anyone who tries it. Definitely get your hands on these products!”  – Cynthia H.  

“My skin has never looked better since incorporating the Mangosteen line into my regimen! My pores are practically gone & the texture of my skin has improved.” – Justin L.  

Find out more about the Mangosteen Collection, and leave a comment below or on social media, telling us your favorite product!