Wellness Warrior Interviews Eminence Organics Owners Attila and Boldijarre Koronzay

Wellness Warrior Gets Personal With Owners of Eminence Organics Part 3

For the last two months, we’ve published a series of enlightening interviews that our partner, Wellness Warrior, conducted with Eminence Organics company owners, Attila and Boldijarre Koronczay. For the final part of the interview with the brothers, we focus on topics close to their hearts - their charity, Eminence Kids Foundation, and the Forests For The Future initiative. Read more about what philanthropy means to Eminence Organics and what drives Attila and Boldijarre to help others.

You have a charity called the Eminence Kids Foundation. Tell us what it is and how you came to it.

ATTILA: It started when we were back to Hungary in 2013, and visited the same hospital, Semmelweiss Hospital, where my brother was treated for leukemia when he was a little boy. We noticed that the kids didn’t have good food to eat, and we wanted to help them. From our experience with my brother, we knew that juice would be best because oftentimes kids undergoing chemotherapy can’t eat. We started sending juice to the hospital each week in Budapest. Then, we realized we could take it worldwide, and now we’re in Vancouver and Winnipeg in Canada, and Austin, Texas. Since we officially started in 2014, we’ve now served over 40,000 meals.
BOLDIJARRE: Our dream is to bring Eminence Kids Foundation everywhere in the world so kids have healthy food to help them heal and get better.  
ATTILA: Because this is the story of my brother’s recovery, we believe that healing can start from within.



Healing our bodies and our planet is intrinsically connected. Tell us about your business model and partnership with Trees for the Future and your project called Forests for the Future.

ATTILA: We had a simple idea, and that was for every product we sold, we would plant a tree. Because we’re in the skin care business - not the tree planting business - we needed a partner who could plant the trees for us. We researched tree planting organizations and found Trees for the Future, who have a good reputation and reliable work ethic.
BOLDIJARRE: We also liked that Trees for the Future planted trees and created Forest Garden systems in developing countries, so not only do the trees help heal the earth, offset carbon emissions, cool the air and provide fresh oxygen, but they also provide a sustainable source of food and income for the families in need.
ATTILA: Our vision was to have forests cover the dry, barren land, so we named our partnership, “Forests for the Future”. There’s an educational component, so the volunteers at Trees for the Future actually educate the families on how to plant crops, grow trees, harvest fruit and vegetables and keep a garden thriving year after year - even in extreme weather conditions.
BOLDIJARRE: Our spa partners are really the driving force behind Forests for the Future. They create social media posts, signage at their spas and marketing collateral to teach their spa guests about the initiative. We were recently honored by the members of the International Spa Association, who voted us the Innovate Award Winner: Philanthropic Initiatives.
ATTILA: We’re the first skin care company in the world to plant seven million trees. We are really proud of that.

Education is an important thread in all that you do. Can you tell us more?

BOLDIJARRE: With our Eminence Kids Foundation - which delivers organic fruits to sick children to aid in their recovery, healing and long-lasting health - we include fun, kid-friendly infographics that have nutritional facts about the organic fruits we deliver. We want to teach future generations and instill good habits early on. Just like my Grandma and Grandpa did for me. I grew up learning how to get well and stay well. Fast food chains do a very good job at marketing to children with toys, ball pits and games… we are trying to do the same thing at our partner locations to make it more fun for kids to learn good habits.
ATTILA: We want to keep everyone educated… Education lays the foundation for kids to make the best decisions for the rest of their lives and, ultimately, their health.
BOLDIJARRE: And, we believe education should be fun! Laughing triggers endorphins which make you feel good, and then you remember that moment as a special memory. Lots of people have fun at our trainings. The American Spa Professional’s Choice Awards recognized Eminence as the Best for Product Education for 8 years in a row… that’s never happened before in the history of the industry.

If you could change one thing when it comes to the future health and wellbeing of our country’s kids—and future generations—what would it be?

BOLDIJARRE: I would make nutrition classes a part of the education system… but in a really fun way so kids would like to learn about what’s good for them and why it’s good for them.
ATTILA: Just like we grew up, physical education class should happen every day, so kids would have at least 30-45 minutes of physical activity a day. Instead of sitting in front of a computer, playing video games or on social media… this would help kids have a healthy body and healthy mind.
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This post was originally published in April 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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