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Eminence Organics team members at Soup Night

Éminence Staff Volunteers Make & Serve Over 150L of Organic Soup for Sick Children

Eminence Organics team members at British Columbia Children’s Hospital.Since 2013, the Éminence Kids Foundation has been dedicated to helping sick children in their treatment and recovery with the powerful goodness of organic nutrition. For the third year in a row, the Éminence team has hosted their annual “Soup Nights” in Vancouver. 

Through a fun and impactful two-night event, the Éminence Kids Foundation brought nearly 30 Éminence staff volunteers to a local culinary school, The Dirty Apron, where they chopped, diced and sliced organic ingredients to make three delicious soups: This year, Vegetarian Minestrone, Chicken and Grilled Corn Chowder and Chicken Noodle Soup were on the menu. Led by the talented Chef Takashi, the students finished the night with over 150 litres of soup poured into individual containers for the families and children undergoing treatment at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital. A special thank you goes to Pro Organics and Avalon Dairy who donated the organic ingredients for these nutritious soups.
Eminence Organics team members at British Columbia Children’s Hospital.
The following night, the Éminence Kids Foundation and 9 staff volunteers hosted a “Family Dinner Night” at a long-term care facility in Vancouver. Serving the freshly-made organic soups and organic buns and juices, our team spent an evening giving these families a night off to enjoy a homemade organic meal and some good company. In a facility that houses over 70 families with children undergoing treatment at the BC Children’s Hospital, the team welcomed over 30 of these families to enjoy a nice meal and decorated the room with bright balloons, teddy bears for the kids and upbeat music to create an atmosphere of fun. 

In addition to the annual “Soup Nights”, the Éminence Kids Foundation provides 20 lbs of organic fruit from the local Hazelmere Organic Farm to this long-term care facility every week. This ensures children and their families can supplement their nutritional needs with healthy organic fruit on a regular basis. If you’re interested in helping support the Éminence Kids Foundation, here are three ways you can get involved. You can also visit the Éminence Kids Foundation website for more information.


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