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Éminence + Green Spa Network: Our Commitment to Keeping Our Planet Green

As the Green Spa Network Congress approaches this month, we’re delighted to say that we are a proud member of this organization. The Green Spa Network (GSN) draws leading spas and industry members around the world with the admirable goal of creating an environmentally aware spa industry. Both Eminence Organic Skin Care and the GSN find common ground in that we are committed to sustainability, helping our partners to adopt green practices, and reducing the environmental impact of traditional spa products and practices.

Green Spa and Salons book titled "How to Make Your Business Trusly Sustainable" by Shelly Ann Lotz. Steered by our like-minded values, our partnership began in May 2013 when we joined the GSN to help evolve the spa industry. Since then, we have attended the GSN Congress every year to learn alongside, and partner with, our industry peers to promote sustainable practices and well-being. Last year, General Manager Attila Koronczay was a guest speaker at the Congress, speaking on our charity, the Eminence Kids Foundation, which provides organic meals to seriously ill children around the world. We also participate in the GSN Buyers Conference every spring and connect with potential green spa partners. As we grow ever closer in our partnership, sponsoring the GSN is an important cause for us; we are proud to say that we are now one of only two Platinum-level sponsors for GSN.

Paul Schmidt, GSN Executive Director says, "The longstanding support Éminence has provided GSN has, I think, been integral to both companies' success. It's strong partnerships like these that motivate us all to keep doing the good work of making our dear planet healthier for generations to come."

Caring for the planet is important to us and our involvement in the GSN is just one part of our eco-friendly practices. Here are a few of the green practices that we do every day at our company:

  • We plant a tree for every product sold through our Forests for the Future™ initiative – we are the only skin care company to plant over 6 million trees!
  • We recycle, compost and reduce energy and water consumption at both our home office and warehouse facilities. For example, our packing peanuts are fully compostable and dissolve in water
  • We give a public transportation credit to all of our employees – and about 92% of our employees walk, bike or take transit to work.
  • We use eco-friendly ink on our packaging and make our reusable tradeshow bags from jute – the 2nd most renewable fiber.
  • We educate potential partners on our green practices and how they can extend to the spa environment.
  • We have a Green Spa Program which supports our partner spas in applying eco-friendly practices.

Visit the GSN website to find out more about the Green Spa Network. And if you’re attending the GSN Congress September 25-28, we hope to connect with you there!


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