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Boldijarre and Attila Koronczay

How Eminence Organic Skin Care Came To North America

Eminence Organic Skin Care is found in many countries around the globe, in some of the most impressive spas worldwide, and followed by a massive fan base; it’s hard to imagine the family-run business had humble beginnings so long ago. The brand’s story began in Hungary in 1958, driven by a few dedicated estheticians with an unbelievable work ethic. It wasn’t until their descendants - brothers Attila and Boldijarre Koronczay - found themselves at a crossroads in 1996 and brought the brand to Canada that this small company went big. Sharing a tiny apartment in Vancouver in the late ‘90s, the duo struggled to make ends meet in order to finance their dream. It would be a decade before they saw the first inklings of success and their skin care line would finally be available in North America. 

The family’s deep-rooted desire to make the company thrive over those years and the brothers’ strong entrepreneurial spirit kick-started their plans on what felt like the other side of the world. Add to the mix Boldijarre’s training as an esthetician and civil engineer Attila’s talent for numbers, and they created a perfect combination of skills for growing a skin care business. But the fact that the brothers were there for each other cemented Éminence’s foundation; it was the emotional support that helped the two persevere as they worked hard to get the brand off the ground.

Looking back, Boldijarre muses, “People only see the success—they never see the road taken to get there. And that’s a great message for people who may not become successful right away: it’s all about believing in what you’re doing. It’s been a long road for our family business but we’re proud to say that we’ve arrived.” The brand has won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry including American Spa’s Favorite Skin Care Line for 10 years in a row and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011. Beloved by celebrities, the impressive following includes stars like Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel and Channing Tatum. But most importantly, Eminence Organic Skin Care is more available than ever before, bringing not just incredible skin care to corners far and wide, but also spreading the company’s ethos: you can enhance your well-being naturally through extraordinary products and extraordinary service.