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Éminence Featured On CBS Los Angeles

We are delighted to make yet another appearance on a major US television station - this time on CBS Los Angeles. The owner of Éminence partner The Garden Spa'TTanis Rhines, appeared on the station with a selection of her must-have Éminence products in tow. A skin care expert, Tanis raved about her love for Éminence skin care including our Eight Greens Phyto Masque, Lime Stimulating Masque, Stone Crop Hydrating Mist and Bright Skin Starter Set. As a licensed esthetician with a Master’s degree in cellular & molecular genetics, Tanis boasts sound skin care knowledge and expertise with years of experience perfecting the complexions of some of Los Angeles’ most beautiful faces! 

Watch Tanis’ appearance below: 

Highlighting some of our key natural ingredients such as stone crop and paprika, Tanis educated the viewers of CBS Los Angeles on how Éminence products can produce quick and effective results that leave the skin with a glowing “red carpet” appearance: “...Natural plant ingredients like cinnamon and paprika open up your capillaries, you get a nice rush of blood into the skin oxygenating your cells. It’s like running a marathon while you’re lying down … [it’s] known as the red carpet facial because you get an instant glow!
In addition to her enthusiasm for treating her clients to a Hollywood-style glow - Tanis is equally passionate about helping her clients overcome major skin issues like uneven skin tone: “...The number one complaint that my clients have is hyperpigmentation or brown spots” reveals Tanis. Uneven skin is often the result of hormonal changes and over-exposure to the sun. To combat the look of dark spots on the skin, Tanis recommends using products that contain ingredients like stone crop and licorice root to brighten and revive the complexion. Our Bright Skin Starter Set features both of these brightening ingredients and is one of Tanis’ top picks in combatting uneven skin. 

We want to extend a huge thank you to CBS Los Angeles for featuring Éminence in this exclusive and informative television segment. We also want to express enormous gratitude to Tanis, owner of The Garden Spa'T Organic Skin Care in Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach, for sharing her passion for Éminence and enlightening others about her philosophy of combining science and technology with natural and organic skin care.

This article was originally written by Christie Pike in 2016.