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Eminence Organics President Boldijare Koronczay and General Manager Attila Koronczay seated in the back of the van filled with donations of organic fruit in wooden crates.

What's The Meaning Behind the Name "Eminence"?

Have you ever wondered where the original Eminence Organic Skin Care office was located or where the name “Eminence” comes from? 

In a candid interview with Healing Lifestyles & Spa, company President Boldijarre Koronczay and General Manager Attila Koronczay answer these questions and more. With years of hard work, dedication and commitment, Boldijarre and Attila have an inspirational story to tell when it comes to building the Eminence brand into the thriving company it is today. Read these highlights taken directly from an exclusive interview with Healing Lifestyle’s Safe Beauty & Body Panel Expert, Abby Mason: 

The company was created as a result of “a dream to deliver high-quality, organic skin care”.  Can you tell me more about when Boldijarre decided to make his dream a reality and launch Éminence (what was the inspiration and motivation)?Reach for the stars, but keep your feet on the ground. Boldijarre Koronczay, Eminence Organics.

When I was treated for leukemia as a child, my mom and grandmother fed me natural, organic and Biodynamic® foods. I believe this was instrumental to beating cancer and never relapsing to this day. Incorporating this quality of food became a lifestyle. When my brother Attila and I first moved to Vancouver, we started small by sharing the skin care line with my private clients. The popularity continued to grow through word of mouth and we realized we could meet this demand and help people improve their lives with natural skin care.

I love the name Eminence. How did the name for the brand come about?  

My family and I researched English words meaning “best in class” and “best of its kind.” We knew right away right when we found the word “Eminence” that this was the word that would stick.

Are there any special/funny stories that Boldijarre would like to share behind the brand?

The first office my brother and I had was actually our one bedroom studio in Vancouver. We shared a bed for the first seven years we lived in Vancouver while we built Eminence from the ground up.

My first tradeshow class had 12 attendees. Last year, my educators and I trained over 5,000 people at tradeshows.

Eminence supports so many amazing charities (Trees for the Future, Eminence Kids, Breast Cancer Research and several others as listed)... Are there any other charities Eminence is also passionate about/or going to be adding to the list?

As we continue to expand Eminence internationally, we want Eminence Kids to grow internationally as well. As this cause is near and dear to our hearts, this is our primary focus for charitable initiatives. We are also continuing our Forests for the Future™ partnership as well, sponsoring a garden for an entire community in Senegal, Africa to provide them with fresh fruits and vegetables and a healthy diet.

Is there a company mantra?  Does Boldijarre have a personal mantra?

Our company mantra is to “be the #1 professional skin care company in the world.” My personal mantra is to “reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground.”

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