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Brian Goodwin

Brian Goodwin is an award-winning International Educator for Eminence Organic Skin Care. As a Master Medical Esthetician, Master Herbalist and Consultant, Brian leverages over 15 years of spa industry experience to bring fun, engaging education worldwide, training over 50,000 spa professionals throughout his career. Voted "Favorite Brand Educator" in DERMASCOPE’s 2019 Aestheticians' Choice Awards, Brian has delivered influential trainings, which continue to raise the bar for professional education and garner worldwide peer recognition. Goodwin is a member of DERMASCOPE magazine's editorial advisory board and is published as an author for featured articles in DERMASCOPE magazine, Skin Inc, DAYSPA and American Spa magazines, as well as other industry-leading publications. He has educated and consulted more than 2,000 distinguished spas and has notably been invited to deliver keynotes at major industry events across North America. Brian embraces every opportunity to share his passion and guide industry professionals on their path to success.