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Engage With Clients Through Social Media

When people are deciding if they want to visit your spa, they’re going to use social media for social proof to help decide if you’re the right spa for them. If you don’t have a strong social media presence, you might lose trust and credibility with potential Clients. Discover our best marketing tips for a strong and captivating social media presence that will keep your spa top-of-mind and encourage repeat appointments.

How To Engage With Clients Through Social Media 

1. Respond & Engage With All Comments

Social media is one of the only digital avenues where your business has two-way communication with Clients, giving you the opportunity to receive feedback, monitor sentiment and build a relatable brand personality. Part of building this personal relationship is by responding to as many comments and direct messages as possible. Quick response times and a friendly, helpful delivery is a sure-fire way of attracting new Clients and retaining loyalty. 

Authenticity and transparency is key to building trust and social proof. You are engaging on a public platform so others will stumble across your conversations when visiting your account. If your spa has multiple staff running your social accounts, you may want to create a Social Media Engagement Document. This document can outline best practices for answering all kinds of questions so that your voice sounds consistent and professional on all platforms. This document should cover the appropriate tone, brand voice and language you wish to use, as well as provide templated responses to the most frequently asked questions. You may also want to establish ideal responses to sensitive topics (such as politics, religion or race) or to customer concerns such as allergic reactions to certain spa treatments or skin care products.

Other topics that may require templated responses include:

  • Product advice/recommendation requests
  • Skin reaction concerns
  • Returns and Exchange policies

2. Post At The Right Time 

Which social media platform are your Clients the most active on? What time do they engage the most? If you can answer these questions, you can maximize your potential for post engagement and reach. Through some trial and error and by analyzing your Clients’ behaviour through data, you’ll be able to determine your ideal posting times. But guesswork should eventually be replaced by analytics tools for precise insights into your Clients social media behavior. Social media engagement platforms like Sprout Social or Later are very useful for scheduling content and for recommending the best time to post. Some social platforms like Instagram’s Business Account already have analytics tools built in as well. 

3. Livestream In A Q&A

With more people becoming comfortable with video calls and online work, live streaming on Instagram or Facebook is becoming an attractive option. You can create a Q&A live stream and open up the floor to questions so that you stay connected with your Clients from a distance. Seeing a live video in your spa room creates a greater sense of connection as your potential Clients will get a better feel of the spa and you have the freedom to say and do anything there. Many people have questions for estheticians and will want to take this opportunity to offer feedback or ask you questions in a low pressure setting. As you answer audience questions, you can use the question format to talk about the services and treatments you offer so that the livestream becomes a subtle marketing tool. 

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4. Reshare Quality Content 

When you’re engaging with your audience and niche, you’re likely to stumble across quality content that your audience would love as well. Consider reposting content if it integrates visually into your feed. Be sure that what you are reposting doesn’t feel jarring or completely different from your brand image. Before reposting, reach out to the original creator to request their permission to repost and offer to credit them. Once you have permission, you should create an original caption to refresh the content and tag the original creator. 

5. Use Unique Content

Use content that highlights what makes your spa unique and the reason why people come to your spa. If you’re brainstorming ideas for content, think about what key messages you want to share, such as:

  • We have special deals on Tuesday evenings
  • Our estheticians would love to customize a skin care regime especially for your skin type
  • We stock products made from organic ingredients
  • We are knowledgeable in skin care
  • We have trustworthy and highly skilled staff ready to help you

For example, if you decide to create posts to showcase your staff’s knowledge in skin care, create educational posts explaining the different skin types or suggesting skin care products. Or, if you wanted to highlight your staff members’ skills, you could post a photo of their work with a Client with a “before and after” photo showing the results or testimonials from past clients. This is an excellent option if you or your staff members have unique skills or provide specialized treatments. 

Other content ideas include:

  • Post a question sticker on your Instagram story as an “Ask me anything!” invitation to answer any burning questions 
  • Post photos of your favorite skin care products 
  • Ask your estheticians what their favorite products are and highlight in a quote post
  • Post a video, an Instagram Reel or TikTok video, showing your audience how to do a skin care routine in the correct order
  • Establish a “Tip Tuesday” or regular schedule so your audience knows when to expect a specific kind of post. “Tip Tuesday” could be a day to highlight skin facts, ingredient knowledge, or explain treatments and techniques used in your spa

Also, don't forget to use shoppable links on your social media posts for users ready to go straight to your website to purchase!

Since it can be difficult to come up with original content all the time, Eminence Organics creates Social Media Packages especially for our Spa Partners. They include polished images plus sample messaging for different social media platforms. Spa Partners can sign in and download from the Professional Site via the What’s New Page and the Downloadable Images Page. We hope this alleviates some of the content creator fatigue!

With this list of social media tips, you're equipped to build your online audience. Interested in even more resources? Find out about becoming a Eminence Organics Spa Partner here and the benefits we provide, including Social Media Packages and more.