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A woman hugs two children sitting on either side of her on a couch as they laugh together under a purple blanket draped over their heads.

How To Hygge At Home

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, cocooning, or what the Danes calls hygge, is essential. Hygge is about nourishing our well-being. It’s about taking shelter and getting cozy with our loved ones. Danish hygge is typically a winter thing. It’s a survival mechanism for getting through the long dark Nordic winters and staying happy. But it’s a philosophy that holds just as well for other seasons too. Light a crackling fire or some candles, pour yourself a mug of tea, drink it with a piece of homemade cake, cuddle up under a comfy cashmere blanket, and get started with that new book you haven’t had time to read yet. Or round up the whole family, pop some popcorn and watch a movie, play a board game or do some crafting together. Hygge is meaningful time spent with the people closest to you and a kind of spiritual sustenance for stressful times. 

So, how exactly do you hygge? Here are some ideas:

1. Brew Herbal Tea

Warm yourself from the inside out with a cup of your favorite herbal tea. We’re partial to chamomile for its soothing and relaxing properties - try this recipe for herbal tea that blends chamomile flowers and mint sprigs for the perfect homemade brew.  

2. Craft a Hyggekrog (A Cozy Nook) 

The key to any hygge practice is the crafting of a hyggekrog, or cozy nook. Bring hygge into your home with the addition of warm candlelight, comfy slippers and plenty of cozy blankets.

A couple cooking together

3. Take time For Slow Cooking

There’s nothing more comforting than having something delicious bubbling away on the stove. Try a hearty soup or, an Eminence favorite, vegan-friendly Hungarian Lecso Stew.

4. Get Back To Nature

Think of the Japanese ritual of shinrin-yoku, also known as forest bathing, as an outdoor version of hygge. Go for a long walk in the woods, pick out a sycamore or a cedar and really spend time focusing on it, the texture of its bark, its fragrance, the stir of a breeze through the branches. Forest bathing slows down your pulse, lowers blood pressure and soothes nerves.

5. Be Present With Your Family

Family is something we take for granted. They’re always around, but how often do we spend time with each other mindfully? When was the last time you had a really deep conversation with each other? There’s no better time for that than now.

6. Indulge In Your Favorite Mask

Health Magazine recommends enhancing your hygge with “a self-care ritual that increases the R&R you get from your downtime.” At Eminence Organics, a favorite way to unwind is by indulging in one of our luxurious face masks. Pro tip: Before applying your mask, treat yourself to a warm towel compress to soften your skin and help release any dirt and debris clogging your pores. Want to find out more? Read our comprehensive guide to face masks

Woman in bathtub

7. Soak In A Relaxing Bath 

Treat yourself to full body relaxation with a soothing soak. For an all-over skin conditioning treatment, add one to two capfuls of Apricot Body Oil to your bath. This ultra-hydrating body oil will leave your skin feeling moisturized, as well as smooth and perfectly supple. Do an all-over bath buff with our Stone Crop Body Scrub and finish off with our Stone Crop Body Lotion and Stone Crop Body Oil.

Take it from the Danes who are always among the top three countries in the World Happiness Report. They know. Hygge is about taking the time to really be together, to commune with nature and to take care of each other and ourselves. Find out the best way to take care of ourselves -  learn more about our body care products and masks and treatments for at-home self care. And tell us in the comments below or on social media - how do you hygge at home?