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What Does Biodynamic Mean For Your Skin?

You’re well-versed in the value of organic - but have you heard about the benefits of biodynamic? A step up from organic, biodynamic methods both enhance the quality of ingredients and reduce environmental impact. What does this mean for your skin care? Think amplified organic: Pure and potent ingredients that are even higher in vitamins, nutrients and active compounds.

With an entire collection devoted to certified Biodynamic® ingredients, Eminence Organics is well ahead of the trend. Read to learn why biodynamic is taking the beauty world by storm.

Eminence Organics Beyond Organic Biodynamic Collection

Biodynamic Farming Methods

Both organic and biodynamic methods emphasize soil health and prohibit the use of synthetic chemicals - but biodynamic goes one step further. Biodynamic farmers consider the farm a living organism that is self-contained and self-sufficient: It is a closed loop that depends very little on human intervention. Unlike organic farms, which are permitted the use of imported organic materials, the biodynamic farm must meet its needs from within. Biodynamic farmers use a variety of regenerative techniques including crop rotation, composting, interplanting and seed saving to ensure a farm’s health and longevity.

The Biodynamic Calendar

Biodynamic farmers follow a unique planting calendar that is based on the position of the moon, planets and constellations. Following lunar cycles, the biodynamic calendar helps farmers determine the optimal times to pick and plant crops. According to the calendar, the best time to harvest is when the moon is in ascent and a plant’s sap is rising; when the moon is descending, a plant’s vitality is in its roots and it is time to plant and sow.

Demeter Biodynamic® Certification

Biodynamic products are subject to extremely strict certification standards. Founded in 1928 and operating in more than 50 countries, Demeter is the official certifying body for Biodynamic® products. This non-profit organization holds the world’s oldest ecological certification system for the farming, manufacturing and labeling of Biodynamic® ingredients.

Elizabeth Candelario, Managing Director of Demeter USA says: “Demeter Biodynamic® certification for skin care products is the most stringent standard in the world, which is why there are very few skin care companies like Eminence Organic Skin Care that attain it.” Unlike organic certification, which is crop-focused, Biodynamic® certification requires the entire farm be certified. To date, there are only 300 certified Biodynamic® farming operations in the United States.

Are Biodynamic Ingredients Better For Your Skin?

Biodynamic farming yields pure and potent ingredients that are extremely beneficial the skin. Eminence Organics President Boldijarre Koronczay tells Well + Good: “Because of the harmonious way that biodynamic crops are grown with the land, they have been found to contain up to 13% more potassium, 20% more sodium, 34% more iron and 47% more Vitamin C than conventional produce.” 

Beyond Organic Collection

Eminence Organics has harnessed the power of these pure and potent ingredients in the luxurious Beyond Organic Collection. This collection includes award-winning products formulated with ingredients from Demeter International Certified Biodynamic® farms as well as Certified Biodynamic® products like our Facial Recovery Oil. Look for the Demeter Certification badges the next time you visit an Eminence Organics partner spa and experience the Biodynamic® difference.

Watch our latest In The Mix video to learn how our certified Biodynamic® ingredients enhance the health of your skin - and the planet:

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