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Record Support For Eminence Organics Online Video Contest

Record Support For Eminence Organics Online Video Contest

Our exciting Win A Trip To Budapest online video contest is now over, and we are sending our Grand Prize Winners to Hungary and the Eminence Certified Organic Farm! We are still feeling amazed by the enthusiasm radiating from our community. We received hundreds of videos that ranged the gamut from heartfelt stories to hilarious sketches and soulful songs. In a single event, these entries captured our hearts and made us laugh. 

You can watch our video contest entries below on YouTube.



Although we couldn’t choose everyone as a finalist (we wished we could!), we felt that many entries were special and this video contest gave company President Boldijarre Koronczay the opportunity to personally reach out to our fans. He was delighted to hear back from many of our friends - both old and new - and would like to share with you a few of the messages that touched all of us:


“Thank you so much for all that you do to make Eminence Organics a wonderful company to work with. The customer service is extraordinary and the products are like no other. I'd love to explore more with the Eminence Kids Foundation ... It is such a powerful way to help people, and those beautiful children deserve to live a healthy life.”


“I am so grateful for your company and the beautiful products you create....You are personally a great role model to me, so it is very meaningful to receive this email from you! Thank you for helping the people of our world look beautiful and stay healthy doing so.”


“Thank you for this!! You and your company continue to exceed my expectations – and that’s hard to do! I have worked with some amazing skin care companies and had terrific support and education from them.  But even my wonderful experiences can’t be matched by the quality of [Eminence Organic Skin Care] products, and even more, the level of support and encouragement from Eminence Organics.”


“Your kind words, appreciation and acknowledgment of my video mean a lot to me. Eminence Organics has become the foundation of my shop. I use it in all my services, trying different ways to utilize these products I love to the fullest. Even though I am a one person spa, I have been able to maintain good sales because my clients believe in me, I totally believe in Eminence and have slowly been able to convince people to change over from their existing products. Now, so many clients love Eminence Organics as much as I do.” 

Thank you again for making the Win A Trip Budapest online video contest a huge success and find out more about the contest finalists and the results here. Join the conversation in the comments below or share your thoughts on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube


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