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Two Visionaries, One Vision: Éminence Kids & Wellness Warrior Partner For Organic Health

What brings together an organic skin care company and an organization with a mission to inspire, protect and support human health and well-being in a sustainable and just world? 

It just takes two extraordinary visionaries that hold the same desire to share the importance of organic and natural living with the world. When our company president - and 2015 ISPA Visionary Award Winner - Boldijarre Koronczay met with Damon Cory-Watson, Director of Development from Wellness Warrior, sparks flew as they discussed the common beliefs that both of their organizations were built on. 

Founded by the ever-eloquent “godmother of the spa industry” and fellow ISPA Visionary Award winner, Deborah Szekely, Wellness Warrior focuses on motivating millions to take action towards achieving positive change and drastically improving the health of the world. 
Wellnes Warrior founder & ISPA Visionary Deborah Szekely

The Éminence Kids Foundation, founded by company owners Boldijarre and Attila Koronczay, shares the same beliefs in its mission to donate organic fruit, vegetables and juices to sick children around the world. Not only does the Foundation help children through their recovery, it also educates them about the importance of healthy, organic nutrition as an essential part of their treatment.

When we shared the vision of the Éminence Kids Foundation with Wellness Warrior, they saw the act of providing organic nutrition to sick children as a giant step towards accomplishing their mission. Damon from Wellness Warrior further explained his support:

"The simple act of giving when someone is in need is such a beautiful thing–and it is also how the world becomes a better place. I particularly appreciate how the Éminence Kids Foundation is supporting children.… the act of giving children nutritious juice during their recovery goes deeper than the importance of nutrition (though that is a vital part of healing). It becomes an emotional uplift–a way of showing up for people and letting them know that they are cared for, that they are loved and that things can and will get better. We need more of that in the world!"

Damon continues by describing our common vision for an organic world:  

"The benefits of organic food (and food that is local, seasonal and sustainably grown) go far beyond the healing properties of food grown without synthetic chemicals; they spread to the health of the farmworkers and surrounding communities who are not working around dangerous chemicals, the soil that is being rebuilt, the local and regional waterways that are less polluted with chemicals and soil erosion, and, of course, our global community that experiences fewer climate impacts from food that is grown with fewer fossil fuels. The Éminence Kids Foundation sits at the nexus of all health and environmental issues and it has a powerfully positive impact on the world."

We are so excited to be a top level sponsor of Wellness Warrior, helping them to accomplish their mission and encourage each person, of every age and country, to better their own health and champion the health of the world as a whole. We truly believe that every choice for an organic and green world brings us one step closer to an improved worldwide community.


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