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3 Steps To

3 Steps To "Non-Touring": The Latest Makeup Trend

Sorry, Kim Kardashian, but the contouring makeup fad may finally be over. Say hello to the new technique that’s setting the beauty industry a-buzz: “non-touring”. Already gracing the pages of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Allure as the latest trend, non-touring is set to rule as the look of the summer.

So what exactly is non-touring? It’s what it sounds like - NOT contouring. As celebrity makeup artist Renee Sanganoo explains in Marie Claire,”Instead of a heavy contoured look, non-touring is very soft. It's about dewy and glowy skin—you don't want the skin to look super matte or dry.” Avoiding the sharp, sculpted look of contouring, non-touring creates a fresh, illuminated face using just three steps: 1) prime 2) cover and 3) highlight.

Here’s our guide to achieving the non-touring look and our recommended products for transforming your makeup look for summer:

Prepare by refining your skin with an under-makeup primer. Our new Clear Skin Targeted Treatment doubles as an extraordinary primer which smooths the surface of the skin, keeps pores small and controls oil. We also recommend serums for effective priming, such as the Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum

Layer on sheer coverage all over the face and neck with a tinted moisturizer. Our range of tinted moisturizers smooth the skin and even out skin tone for a fresh and natural look. 

Finish off the look by brushing our Chai Berry Glow Mineral Illuminator over the high points of your face including the brow bone, tops of the cheeks, the Cupid’s bow on the top lip and down the center of your nose. This luminizing highlighter focuses light on the face, completing your new radiant look.

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