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A birds-eye-view of a tree canopy shaped into a heart with one hundred thousand written over top.

Éminence Fans Plant 100,000 Trees In 23 Days

In case you missed the news, Éminence just reached a milestone 5 million trees planted through our Forests for the Future™ initiative in partnership with the award-winning non-profit organization, Trees for the Future. We wanted to celebrate through a video and by planting even more trees in April in the lead-up to Earth Day on April 22! So to celebrate, we created an inspiring, fun animated video telling the story of Flora, an eco-conscious spa guest who chooses to purchase an Éminence product after visiting a spa because we “plant a tree for every product sold.” As soon as Flora leaves the spa with product in hand, flowers start to bloom, trees grow in the land around her… we could share the ending, or you may want to see it for yourself: 



Flora’s story was told on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As part of our ongoing commitment to change the world one tree at a time, we promised to plant a tree for every view and share of the video. Éminence fans responded with love and gratitude in a record-breaking way:

“I love the fact [that] I am helping every time I buy a product!”
“I love these products, all organic and healthy…  This is an amazing company. Thank you for giving back to the earth!”

And as one fan said, “Keep on planting!”

…and that’s exactly what we did. We committed to plant 100,000 trees for every view and share – and the incredible response from Eminence fans everywhere ensured we met our goal in just 23 short days! 

“I would love to thank all of our spas, clients and consumers who shared and participated in our dream of making the world a healthier place for us all and for future generations,” says Boldijarre Koronczay, our company president. “By simply choosing an Éminence product, we will continue to plant a tree for every product we sell and change the world for the better, one tree at a time.”


We think our fans and spa partners are just tree-mendous for helping us make a difference. Did you know that the 5,100,000 trees planted by Éminence Organic Skin Care provide unparalleled benefits to the population and the atmosphere? That many trees provide enough oxygen every year for over 10 million people (the entire population of Hungary!), and every year offsets the carbon emitted by over 25,000 cars! 

Big thanks again to all of our loyal fans! But why stop here? We look forward to continuing to plant a tree for every product you buy. With your help, we look forward to planting 10 million trees! 

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The view looking up through a canopy of trees with light steaming through.

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Multi-media Artist Riki K. and a montage of the creative she developed for the 5 Million Trees video.

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