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Bridal Guide: Tips & Tricks For A Flawless Complexion

Creating a guest list, selecting the flowers, booking a photographer and finding your dream dress ... Weddings involve plenty of planning. Most brides are well aware that preparations for the big day don’t happen overnight - your wedding beauty routine included.

“You have the dress, the venue, the theme, now you need to finalize your beauty look” says Bridal Guide.

We want every moment leading up to your special day to be as stress-free as possible so we recommend leaving the skin care part to us. Our very own president and renowned “aesthetician to the stars” Boldijarre Koronczay recently teamed up with the beauty experts at Bridal Guide to give you their essential beauty tips on how to score picture-perfect skin.

Here’s our tips, tricks and beauty countdown to a flawless blushing bride complexion:

As soon as possible:

If you want to achieve impeccable skin on your wedding day (and every day), you need to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. Boldijarre is a huge advocate for healthy eating and believes strongly in nourishing the body both inside and out to achieve total health and wellness. Give your complexion an extra boost of nutrients by avoiding heavily processed foods and incorporating fresh, organic fruits and veggies into your diet instead. Foods like sweet potatoes, leafy greens, nuts and seeds have proven clear skin benefits and essentials for beautiful skin.

1-2 months before:

Think like a celeb and book a facial for your white-carpet moment,” recommends Bridal Guide. Facial appointments can book up quickly, so make sure you secure time at your favorite Éminence spa as soon as possible. If you’re new to Éminence, see our Spa Locator to find a spa location in your area.

1 week before:

The countdown to your big day is on and now that you’re single digits away from the big day, it’s time to take advantage of that facial you booked a month ago. When faced with a spa menu full of equally enticing facial and treatment options - try Boldijarre's suggestion:

Hydrating facials are the best option because they use targeted products to ensure the complexion is dewy and plump. Steer clear of peel and extractions, which produce excellent results but may create redness.”

The night/day before:

Avoid dark under eye circles and puffiness by getting plenty of beauty sleep the night before your nuptials. Seal in moisture and hydration by applying your favorite night cream prior to getting some shut eye. Our Wild Plum Eye Cream is another great option for reducing the appearance of dark circles around the eye area.

Another simple way to bypass a tired, dehydrated complexion is to avoid alcohol and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water leading up to your wedding, especially 24 hours before the big day.

The morning of your wedding:

Before you start applying any makeup, Boldijarre recommends applying a hydrating mask to add one final boost to your complexion. Bridal Guide recommends our Eight Greens Phyto Masque, “a favorite among celebs” (like Paula Patton), this mask will give you “a rosy glow that lasts for hours”.

Éminence masques like our Eight Greens Phyto Masque can be left on for 3-5 minutes. While you’re waiting for the masque to work its magic, we suggest taking a few moments to yourself, sit quietly, take a few deep breaths and enjoy every moment of pre-matrimonial bliss. If you follow these simple tips, you'll be sure to have glowing skin for that unforgettable moment you say "I do". 

Do you have any bridal beauty tips you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments. 

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