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We Have The Next Big Trend In Face Masks

We Have The Next Big Trend In Face Masks

Now that cold days have arrived, winter winds are blowing in one of the latest trends in skin care: self-heating masks. Glamour magazine has already headlined the craze (and our professional-use Paprika Herbal Treatment), declaring “The Next Big Thing In Face Masks Is Here. So get on trend and brace yourself against the chill of winter with a paprika mask that heats up your skin and brings all the benefits of a warm glow.

Although you may have only heard of self-heating face masks recently, our “hot” paprika products come from centuries of tradition. With our company history rooted in Hungary, we often spotlight spices, especially paprika - the pepper essential to the Hungarian soul. The spice was introduced to Hungary in the 1500s by the Turkish people and became a key part of the country's cuisine and culture. Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi actually won the Nobel Prize in 1937 based on paprika research and his discovery of vitamin C in this antioxidant-rich spice. Paprika is also an important part of Hungary’s world-renowned skin care. Based on the country's tradition of facials and massages as well as the proximity to thermal spas, Hungarian skin care - including the famous paprika masks - is known for producing beautiful skin. 

When you use paprika on the surface of your skin, the benefits appear in your complexion right away. No exaggeration. After all, paprika directly stimulates the circulatory system in the skin. The effect is immediate and skin may tingle intensely and turn bright red for 20-60 minutes before calming down to a healthy glow. The increase in circulation means that oxygen enters the system more quickly and waste leaves faster - creating a detoxifying and oxygenated environment, excellent for keeping the skin toned and glowing. In the same way that stimulating your body’s circulation is necessary for exercise, increasing the circulation in your face has the same effect: it’s like a great workout for your skin. 

Once your face cools down after the paprika application, it’s time to tally all the benefits. Not only does the paprika work out your circulatory system, it encourages cell turnover so new, young cells come to the surface. Also, paprika is an enormous source of vitamin C - more than most citrus fruits. As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights the aging effects of free radicals and protects your skin. The spice also restricts the production of the pigment melanin which means it makes your skin brighter and lightens age spots. All around, paprika is a near-miraculous ingredient with major perks for the skin. 

Interested in finding out more about self-heating paprika masks? Watch our Mixology Monday video below on how paprika in our masks improves your complexion. Then try a hot mask experience yourself. You can find your local Éminence spa with our spa locator and ask for our Paprika Herbal Treatment. Or try some of our paprika masks at home including our Lime Stimulating Masque or Eight Greens Phyto Masque - Hot.