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Éminence President & Visionary Award Winner Wows The Crowd At ISPA 2015

Éminence President & Visionary Award Winner Wows The Crowd At ISPA 2015

What an event at ISPA this year! From the dynamic ISPA Visionary presentation to the outpouring of support for our Eminence Kids initiative, ISPA 2015 Conference & Expo was one of the most memorable occasions for us in company history. We were especially humbled and honored by company President Boldijarre Koronczay’s ISPA Visionary Award, one of the most prestigious recognitions in the industry. 

Watch our video of the ISPA Visionary Award presentation below as well as the Éminence Kids video that played at the end of Boldijarre's speech: 



Launching the conference for us this year, the ISPA Visionary Award event was a moving moment for Boldijarre, and a thrilling one for all of us here at Éminence. The award presentation was truly a culmination of decades of hard work as well as a demonstration of our president’s signature sense of pizzazz. The speech ended in Boldijarre’s usual inimitable style with a dance-off performed by body doubles for himself and ISPA Chairman Michael Tompkins! From there, a conga line of attendees led everyone to the formal opening of the Expo main floor.

Could we top that vibrant kickoff? Yes, we did! We kept up the energy over the next three days with a whirlwind of media interviews, a record number of visitors to the Éminence booth and hundreds of people taking selfies with Boldijarre. Most significantly for us, we were thoroughly touched by the support for Éminence Kids - our drive to bring healthy, organic nutrition to sick children. Hundreds of attendees welcomed our Éminence Kids teddy bears, helping us spread the idea of providing organic food around the world to seriously ill children.

We were delighted to bring the heart of the event back to the importance of people: the employees who helped build the company, Boldijarre’s proud parents who flew in from Hungary, as well as good friend (and former ISPA Visionary) Sylvia Sepielli who joined in the special event. As we look back at this meaningful event, we also look ahead to our next challenge as a company. We continue our commitment to bringing extraordinary products and service to people, with our supporters and customers at our core. Onwards and upwards!