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woman smelling a pink roses

Change Your Mood Instantly With These 4 Aromas

When your life is a whirlwind, sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. And when you don’t have roses conveniently on hand, a whiff of our Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer also does the trick. After all, the plants in our skin care not only ensure that our products are natural and organic but also that they are infused with nature’s fragrances. So, take a pause and breathe deeply as we introduce four aromas (and our aromatic products) that are guaranteed to change your mood: 

When you need to lift your spirits: ROSES
Rose oil is often used by aromatherapists to relieve depression and soothe the nerves. Need a positive boost? Inhale the rich smell of this flower to lift up your mood and renew a brighter outlook on life (Livestrong). 

What to use:
Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer - Created from actual rose petals, this moisturizer hydrates and reduces signs of aging, leaving revitalized skin with a softly-scented and velvety finish. Plus, $5 from every purchase of this moisturizer goes towards the Breast Cancer Foundation. Not only will the aromatherapy elevate your well-being - knowing that you're making a difference to others will also refresh your outlook. 

When you need to be comforted and soothed: VANILLA
The homey smells of vanilla evoke the memories of sweet cakes and nostalgia. Because vanilla can be associated with food, the scent has a comforting and reassuring effect. Scientific studies prove that the smell soothes the brain and relieves anxiety and depression. (VanillaQueen)

What to use:
Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF32 - A favourite of celebrities like Jessica Biel, this sweet-smelling cream uses shea butter to moisturize the skin and zinc to protect the complexion. Enjoy the comforting aromatherapy of vanilla extract to soothe the soul as well as the skin. 

When you need energy: GRAPEFRUIT
There’s a reason why we eat grapefruit in the morning. The tangy smell and taste prod your groggy brain to life with a citrus-based wakeup call (Aromaweb)! When your mood needs a little pick-me-up, grapefruit provides the energy you need. 

What to use:
Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque - This delightful citrus masque comes packed with real pink grapefruit juice, pulp, peel, oil and even seeds! Not only does it lift and tone your complexion, the tart fragrance will pull you out of your low-energy doldrums.

When you need to be refreshed: STONE CROPEminence Organics Stone Crop Hydration Mist
One of our signature ingredients, stone crop smells fresh and clean. Not a widely-used plant in aromatherapy or skin care, stone crop’s scent is particularly unique. Fans enjoy our stone crop products for its crisp smell, popular with both men and women.

What to use:
Stone Crop Hydrating Mist - Blended from pure stone crop juice, this mist will hydrate your skin as well as revitalize and heal. Spritz on a little of this fresh-smelling toner for vibrant skin and invigorated spirits.

Which scent do you need for your mood today? Let us know in the comments below.