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First Student Winner Of Our Community & Green Practices Award

First Student Winner Of Our Community & Green Practices Award

We're serious about building commitment to the community and the environment. And there's no better way than by making sure there's a great foundation. That's why we're finding students - people at the start of their career in the skin care industry - who reflect everything that we believe in giving back to the community and the planet. We want to recognize these students with our Éminence Organic Skin Care Award for Community Involvement and Green Practices.

We're proud to introduce the first recipient of this award, Nilda DeGuzman Eum, who attends the esthetics program at Vancouver Community College (VCC) in BC, Canada. Nilda was recently presented the award by our Brand & Product Creative Director, Stephanie Baresh and VCC president Dr. Peter Nunoda. We continue to be impressed by how she lives out our company mission values and is committed to making the planet better. We recently had a chance to get to know Nilda better. Here's what we found out when we asked her a few questions:

Why did you choose to study esthetics?
I've been studying the esthetics program for the last nine months. It's been very interesting for me to explore skin and body therapy as well as the experiences of beauty and relaxation.

Describe a typical day for yourself.
Being a mother of two, every day is always a busy and challenging day for me. I manage to study, take care of my family, do some of my own activities as well as working part-time. It's difficult, but hard work pays off as long as you're following your passion with a happy heart!

Can you tell us what you do to support green practices?
It's very important to preserve our Mother Earth. In order to support the planet, we must start with ourselves. Wherever I am, I practise it and share the importance of green practices.

What’s your favorite Eminence products and why?
My favorite products are the Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser, Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant and Bright Skin Moisturizer. I had heavy pigmentation but when I started to use these products, they brightened my skin. I also love them because they're organic and hassle free.

What do you hope to do in the future and how will you continue your path to success?
I'm looking to finish my Cosmetology Diploma Program. Then I’m hoping to get a job, gain more experience and pursue the passion of my heart to succeed in this line of industry.

We wish Nilda the best of luck in her promising future and we look forward to the next bright star to receive our Community Involvement & Green Practices Award.

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