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UV Safety Month: Protect Yourself with These Top Reviewed Products

UV Safety Month: Protect Yourself with These Top Reviewed Products

Sun protection is a must all year round, but it’s during the summer months (when the sun’s heat and UV factor are at their highest) that we pay particular attention to the importance of sun safety. 

July is “UV Safety Month - a time to reflect on how to protect every precious inch of your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. From wearing protective clothing to applying the correct sunscreen, there are plenty of things that you can do to stay sun-safe while still getting your daily dose of Vitamin D.

When it comes to picking the right sunscreen, how do you choose when there are so many options out there? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to pick just one! From our Sun Defense Minerals to moisturizers with SPF, we’re leaving it to the experts to tell you what they love about our sun care products

Product: Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF 32 
In the Press: Daily Makeover
Why they love it: ”...We’ve fallen head over heels for this deeply moisturizing sun cream, which functions as both a sunscreen and moisturizer perfect for all skin types. It sinks into the skin with a velvety finish rather than sitting on top, and it keeps both sunburn and the greasies at bay all day long. Magic? Could be”.

Product: Tropical Vanilla Body SPF 32
In the Press: Better Homes and Gardens
Why they love it: ”We'd happily toss aside our body lotion for this fresh-scented organic sunscreen. Lightly scented and packed with shea butter, this SPF smooths skin from neck to toe.”

Product: Cocoa Latte Tinted Moisturizer
In the Press: Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (LNE)
Why they love it: “Softens and protects skin with an antioxidant-rich non-clogging moisturizer.” 

Product: Sun Defense Minerals
In the Press: American Spa
Why they love it: “This all-in-one powder brush provides water-resistant SPF 30 sun protection with hypoallergenic, non-pore clogging natural minerals”.

How do you protect your skin from harmful UV rays? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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