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Local men and their children show their support for the expansion of Forests For the Future in Senegal, Africa.

#EveryDayEarthDay: Our Forest Garden Project in Senegal

Imagine a forest of four million trees carpeting this planet. Well, we’re proud to confirm that by May this year, we’re achieving this milestone with your help. Through our Forests For The Future™ initiative, we plant a tree for every product you buy and our combined efforts have re-forested areas in19 developing countries throughout the world. 

“It is our collective & individual responsibility to preserve & tend to the environment in which we all live.” -Dalai Lama #EveryDayEarthDay ---> CLICK TO TWEET

What’s next for Forests For The Future™? As an extension of our next stage of the initiative, we’re delighted to announce The Forest Garden Project in Senegal with our tree-planting partner Trees For The Future. For the next four years, we’ve committed a portion of our donations to implement the Forest Garden System in this West African country. 

Senegal, Africa

A farming plan based on tree planting strategy, the Forest Garden System empowers farmers to restore the land and provide food and a sustainable future for the community. The system will increase access to nutritious food and provide an environmentally-conscious and income-generating resource for the region’s residents.

Over the next four years, the Forest Garden Project will:

  • Train and support 200 farming families, protecting approximately 2000 people from extreme poverty.
  • Plant 1.6 million trees on an estimated 200 hectares of land.
  • Provide a reliable food source and access to vitamin-rich foods.
  • Produce and plant at least 400,000 fruit, nut and forestry trees each year for household consumption and sale.
  • By the fourth year, generate approximately $5800 more income for each farmer annually with continued growth in the future.

Children walking in a local community in Senegal, Africa.

Today, we want to mark Earth Day by announcing this growth of Forests For The Future™ into Senegal. This is a project we feel will make an impact, with residents creating their own sustainable solution for the community and the planet. We also wanted to thank you - our customers - for supporting our commitment to the environment. We continue to plant a tree for every item we sell and by choosing our products, you’re choosing to be part of the fight against global climate change.