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4 Unsafe Things You Should Toss

Spring Clean: 4 Unsafe Things You Should Toss

Mark your calendars! It’s the first day of spring and even though we’re sure it’s still snowing somewhere, it’s time to spring clean your bathroom cabinet. Get busy and make room for new - and safe - supplies (as well as a few more Eminence products, of course).

Here are 4 risky things in your cabinet that need to be tossed pronto:

Old mascara
How often should you throw out makeup? The rule of thumb for mascara is three months (Women's Health). Hang on to your tube for longer and it’s likely that your mascara will harbor staph bacteria (ick!). Keep on using germ-ridden eye makeup and you’ll end up with pink eye or other inflammatory conditions. 

Eco tip - Check your retailer or the cosmetic company whether they have a mail-in program for recycling packages and cleaning out cosmetics.

Tired toothbrush
Dentists usually recommend you throw out your toothbrush every one to three months. Once toothpaste starts building up on your brush, it creates a great environment for germs to live in and spread (Women's Health). Plus after a few months, the bristles are worn anyhow and less effective in cleaning teeth - the perfect time to ditch the brush. 

Eco tip - Try the Preserve toothbrush which is recyclable and made from recycled material. 

Expired medication
We all stockpile medication for too long at home but do they really transform into poison when the clock strikes 12 on the expiration date? Probably not - what’s more likely to happen is a loss of effectiveness (eMedExpert). If you want to be safe rather than sorry, toss medication when you’re supposed to. 

Eco tip - Recycle your pill containers and investigate which pharmacies and government programs take back medication for safe disposal. 

Used makeup sponges
Think about it - makeup sponges apply cosmetics on your face daily, spreading dead skin cells and potential germs all over the place. Not only should you wash your makeup sponges each day, you should toss them on a regular basis.

Eco tip - Try the BeautyBlender makeup sponge which is hardwearing, washable, and recyclable.  

What's on your list to clean out of the bathroom cabinet? Tell us in the comments below.