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woman waking up in bed

The Ultimate Guide To Waking Up With Energy

Do you leap out of bed each morning glowing with positivity and boundless energy? No? The fact is you may not be a “morning person” but despite this drawback, it’s still possible to start the day feeling refreshed rather than tired. Read on for the tricks we use to wake up with verve:
1. Get enough sleep
This is a no-brainer. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll still feel tired regardless of how many cups of coffee you down. For most adults, the recommended number of hours each night is at least 7-8 hours. (MayoClinic)

2. Use the Sleep Cycle app
From the moment you hit the pillow, you cycle through series of three different stages including light sleep, deep sleep and the dream-state of REM sleep. Surfacing from your slumber during light sleep feels natural, and ensures that you feel refreshed and ready for the day. To get the most out of your beauty sleep, we recommend the Sleep Cycle app which monitors and rouses you during a light sleep stage. 

3. Stop hitting the snooze button
Getting a few extra winks with the alarm on snooze is the worst way to wake up. By dipping in and out of sleep, you’re confusing your body and brain so that you feel even groggier when you finally drag yourself out of bed.  (Huffington Post

4. Use body scrubs 
Energize yourself by jumping in the shower for an all-over exfoliation. We recommend using the Coconut Sugar Scrub. Smooth on a layer during your shower, massage in circular motions and rinse off. A scrubbing massage in the morning polishes your skin and improves your blood circulation, leaving you feeling revived and invigorated.

5. Drink a large glass of lemon water
How to feel awake? According to Glamour magazine, people who drink lemon water in the morning “experience a big mental boost and have increased energy”. The water rehydrates your organs and flushes out the kidneys, while the extra squeeze of lemon helps your body’s enzymes function, stimulates the liver, as well as adds a boost of Vitamin C.

With Daylight Savings Time starting this Sunday, it's essential to find your energy in the morning. What’s your trick for how to wake up early? Let us know in the comments.