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bolidijarre koronczay- ceo eminence organics skincare

DAYSPA Magazine Q&A: What Drives Company President Boldijarre Koronczay

Every time you uncap a jar of Éminence’s products, not only do you breathe in a noseful of all-natural, organic goodness, you also connect with the original story behind our products. Lesley McCave, editor of leading industry magazine DAYSPA recently interviewed our president, Boldijarre Koronczay, on Éminence’s modest beginnings and what drives him today.   

Born in Hungary, Boldijarre was only four when he was diagnosed with leukemia and given a 0.1% chance of survival. During that time, his parents turned to feeding him organic and biodynamic produce which Boldijarre believes helped save his life and, as an adult, inspired him to share the benefits of organic skin care with the widest audience possible. In 1996, Boldijarre and his brother Attila moved to Vancouver, Canada and struggled through minimum-wage jobs while growing Éminence’s natural skincare business in North America. It was nine years before the Hungarian company took off in North America, long years where Boldijarre was driven by a determination and belief that their natural and organic skincare products could make a difference to the wellbeing of millions.

DAYSPA quizzed Boldijarre on the passion that motivates him and drove the company to grow from its simple origins to an award-winning business with products sold in nearly 50 countries. We love this interview with DAYSPA so much that we're sharing a few of our favorite questions from the Q&A:

“Do you have any advice for people starting out today?
Education is key. It’s something that no one can take away from you. It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s yours forever. Also, try to diversify, because the more licenses and skills you gain, the more versatile you are when it comes to getting hired. Never settle. Always grow. If you're not growing, you're shrinking.

What would you say to people who remain unconvinced about organic skin care?
It has come a long way, from frou frou, fluffy creams and jellies to very effective yet healthful alternatives to chemical formulations. With today’s organic skin care you can achieve dramatic results without any of the harmful side effects.

How do you define happiness?
Happiness is a state of mind, not a situation. It’s not based on your circumstances. You can always choose to have such a positive attitude that makes other people wish they were you.”


To read the full interview, flip to page 66 in DAYSPA magazine's January issue

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