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How Cucumbers Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Long hours at work followed by late nights on Netflix mean less sleep and more bags under the eyes. If your early morning routine involves throwing a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes, you may wonder what cucumbers actually do for puffy eyes - do they genuinely deflate unsightly puffiness or are they just another beauty myth? 

Cucumbers Help tired eyes

We believe that cucumbers do help your tired, irritated eyes and here are three reasons why:

Cooling De-Puffs

When binge-viewing (combined with salty snacks) leads to serious eye bags, cucumber slices act like cold compresses that de-puff the eyes. Dermatologist Dr. Marnie Nussbaum tells Stylecaster that cool applications - like cucumbers - constrict blood vessels and restrict the fluid buildup that can lead to puffy eyes

Vitamin K Brightens

You don’t often hear about Vitamin K, but this essential nutrient is one that is found in cucumbers. Not only does Vitamin K help with important functions for the body like blood clotting, but it also brightens dark discolorations. Brightening dark undereye bags with Vitamin K is one important way that cucumbers alleviate exhausted-looking eyes.

Eminence Organics Cucumber Eye GelAntioxidants Soothe

Another reason why cucumbers get rid of your puffy eyes is due to their high antioxidant content. According to dermatologist Dr. Gregory Nikolaidis, the antioxidants and flavonoids in cucumbers soothe inflammation in the eye area and reduce swelling. For maximum nutrient value in cucumbers, make sure you choose organic. Or go one step better and grow the vegetables yourselves, with inspiration from our Eminence Certified Organic Farm
When cucumber slices are not enough, you’ll want to employ powerful cucumber actives in your eye care also, with our best-selling Eminence Organics Cucumber Eye Gel. Not only does the key ingredient relieve the appearance of swelling in the eye area, but it also reduces the look of fine lines and dark areas. This award-winning eye gel soothes tired peepers and effectively reduces the look of puffy eyes. 
For an extra-effective application on your eye bags, consider applying Eminence Organics Cucumber Eye Gel together with Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream. This combination cools, refreshes and decreases puffiness, leaving you with a beautifully bright and revitalized eye area. Watch our mixology below for this unique blending technique:

If you’re ready to say goodnight to puffy eyes (and good morning to a youthful and rejuvenated look), discover Eminence Organics Cucumber Eye Gel at an authorized Eminence spa near you. What are your tips for combating under-eye puffiness? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on social media: Facebook | Instagram Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube

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