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Looking great from head–to-toe

A healthy skin routine doesn't have to stop at your neckline. “For some time now, demand for anti-aging products has predominantly focused on the neck and up”, however, the growing trend is that “more and more skincare companies are answering the call and providing a host of nourishing body-oriented products” says American Spa Magazine.

A group of industry experts (including our Lead Skin Care Trainer Natalie Pergar) recently sat down with American Spa Magazine to dish about how you can pamper your body in the most effective, results-oriented and eco-friendly way that’s guaranteed to give you results.

So, when it comes to body care, what's the “winning formula”?

According to Natalie, “hydration is a key component of body care, so knowing which products will clog pores is important”. If you're looking for an effective head-to-toe product option, American Spa's Jessica Morrobel suggests our Cranberry Pomegranate Masque.“This nutrient-rich mask revitalizes and protects skin while improving tone and texture with a blend of flaxseed oil, gooseberry, and sunflower."

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