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How Budapest Baths Give You Healthy Skin

How Budapest Baths Give You Healthy Skin

With thousands of thermal springs bubbling up all over Hungary, it’s no surprise that soaking at the spa is a national pastime. Budapest itself was named “City of Baths” in 1934 and more than 70 million liters of mineral-rich and healing waters flow through its famous bathhouses each day. If you’re touring Budapest - like our friends who recently visited us in the city and at the Eminence Certified Organic Farm - you won’t want to miss our three favorite Budapest baths:


The biggest spa complex in Europe, the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest are also one of the most beautiful. Built in the neo-Baroque style, this architecturally grand bathhouse boasts three outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools. You can swim, soak, or even play a game of chess while you relax and restore at this beautiful spa. 


Located on Margaret Island on the Danube River, this spa is actually where our company president, Boldijarre Koronczay, had his first job as an esthetician. Charmingly nicknamed as ‘The Spa Island Of Budapest”, the Danubius Health Spa is surrounded by beautiful parkland, ancient ruins and thermal baths.


With12 pools, this bathhouse is nonetheless just as impressive as the bigger Szechenyi Baths. Lonely Planet declares that soaking in this Art Nouveau building has been likened to “taking a bath in a cathedral.” The water that fills the pools at Gellert Bath is rich in minerals including calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, sulphate-chloride, and sodium.

The mineral-rich elixir from all of Budapest’s thermal springs not only soaks away the usual ailments of spa-goers such as arthritis and circulatory problems, but it also works wonders on the skin. As Mind Body Green explains, the minerals in the water not only help tackle acne and eczema, but they also detox the skin and deliver anti-aging properties. Add this to the fact that the miracle water soothes inflammation, and it’s no wonder that a dip in the Budapest baths can give you healthy skin.


If jetting to the Budapest baths is not on your agenda, you can still experience the effectiveness of Hungarian waters with Eminence Organics Thermal Spring Whip Moisturizer. Blended with Hungarian thermal spring water, the minerals in this moisturizer leave your skin feeling fresh, light and never greasy. The end result? Skin that’s perfectly hydrated while looking smoother and more matte. Discover our Thermal Springs Whip Moisturizer at an Eminence Organics spa near you

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