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Woman sleeping in Eminence Organics overnight face treatment

Get Your Best Beauty Sleep With These Night Creams

Wondering how to achieve your best skin overnight? There’s truth to the term “beauty sleep.” When your head hits the pillow and you settle into a deep slumber, your skin goes into overdrive, repairing itself and fixing the daily damage done by environmental stressors. Sleep is the best time to fight free radicals and target bothersome skin conditions — without lifting a finger. Here’s how you can maximize your beauty sleep with Eminence Organic Skin Care night creams.

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What Happens To Your Skin When You Sleep?

Did you know that sleep gives the body time to repair damage accumulated during the day from stressors as it conducts some important maintenance work? Yes, skin repair is one more reason to get those eight hours of beauty sleep in every night. 

1. Your Skin Goes Into Repair Mode

What really happens while you’re fast asleep? Your skin gets to work, repairing and regenerating itself. Melatonin kicks in, helping to counteract the negative effects of sun damage from UV rays and pores clogging from pollution. Human Growth Hormone peaks, accelerating your skin’s ability to repair and regenerate. And, your body’s stem cells reproduce, allowing for greater cell turnover as aging skin cells are replaced with new ones. While this work happens at all stages of your sleep cycle, the majority of the skin’s repair and regeneration occurs during REM sleep. Therefore, getting the right amount of shut-eye is key to keeping your skin in its best shape. 

2. Skin Care Products Become More Effective

At night, your body temperature rises and your skin becomes more permeable, allowing it to more easily soak up the active ingredients in the night creams that are part of your skin care routine. Since your body no longer has to focus on fighting the damaging environmental stressors it faces during the day, it can turn its attention to the task of repairing itself. StyleCraze says, “Any product that you use at night will be much more effective at hydrating the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and brightening your skin tone."

3. Your Skin Loses Moisture Overnight

If good-for-you ingredients can enter your epidermis, essential moisture can also escape. The measurement of this water loss (called transepidermal water loss, or TWL) is at its greatest while you sleep, often leaving you with parched, dehydrated skin by morning. Because your skin loses more water when you sleep, it’s essential to keep your skin’s moisture barrier intact with a deeply hydrating, replenishing night cream.

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How To Enhance Your Beauty Sleep With Eminence Organics

Now that you know the importance of getting some shut-eye, it’s time to learn how to achieve youthful-looking skin (with the help of Eminence Organics overnight treatments). 

1. Fight The Effects Of Pollution Overnight 

The best time to fight the aging effects of environmental stressors like harmful UV rays and pollution is when your skin is in repair mode. When you’re asleep, your metabolic rate decreases and your body does not produce as many free radicals as it does when you’re awake, giving your skin a chance to focus on recovery. 

Enhance your skin’s hard work with our Marine Flower Peptide Night Cream. This night cream contains botanical peptides and blue-green algae extract that minimizes the look of wrinkles and adds hydration to your complexion. These unique ingredients help the skin look stronger and more elastic. 

To use the Marine Flower Peptide Night Cream, apply a thin layer of treatment with your fingertips to cleansed skin over the entire face and neck area. You may leave this on to go to sleep. For extra hydration, apply a thicker layer. 

2. Target Dark Spots On The Face While You Sleep

Overnight is also prime time to target specific skin conditions. Whether you struggle with fine lines and wrinkles or pesky dark spots on your complexion, doubling up on targeted treatments at night can give you faster results. 

Our Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream works overtime to erase the look of dark spots while you sleep. From our award-winning VitaSkin™ Bright Skin Collection, this ultra-rich night cream is our most powerful skin brightening botanical blend to date. With key ingredients like punarnava root, Swiss Alpine Plant Extracts and Natural Hydroquinone Alternative derived from African potato and the tara tree, the Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream visibly - and naturally - reduces the look of uneven skin tone.  

Which Eminence Organics products are part of your beauty sleep skin care routine? Tell us in the comments below and join the conversation on social media.

This article was originally written in June 2017.