Eminence Organics Guide to Double Cleansing

Eminence Organics Guide to Double Cleansing

Why Double Cleanse?

If you’ve ever detected a trace of mascara smeared under your eye or a smudge of foundation on your pillowcase -  even AFTER you’ve washed your face - you’re probably not making the most of your favorite cleanser. You’re washing your face, but not quite getting the most crucial step of your skin care routine right. Now’s the time to double down on your cleansing ritual and realize that you need to purify your face not just once, but twice. 

Whether you’re struggling with removing makeup or the layer of pollution that has accumulated on your skin over the course of the day, lifting away impurities is the crucial first step to washing your face at the end of the day. As Eminence Organics Product Support Representative Josie Barton advises, “Our bodies are in repair mode while we sleep, which is why a nightly skin care routine is essential to the overall health of our skin.” Alicia Hawthorne from the Product Support team also adds that leaving even a smidgen of makeup or dirt on your face overnight can lead to free radical damage: “Free radicals cling to makeup, causing a number of skin issues- including clogged pores leading to breakouts, and collagen breakdown causing wrinkles.” With a two-step cleansing process, you’ll feel confident that your complexion is completely pure, prepared for repair and protected against potential damage.

What is Double Cleansing?

So what exactly is double cleansing, besides washing your face twice? According to Allure, the art of double cleansing involves, firstly, lifting away makeup, dirt and grime, then secondly, washing them away for a deep cleanse. For a proper double cleanse, you need to do two things: 

STEP 1: remove makeup

The best way to get makeup off is to use an oil-based natural makeup remover like Eminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, enriched with sunflower and jojoba oils or Wildflower Cleansing Balm which uses poppy seed oil as a key ingredient. After all, like attracts like and an oil cleanser combines with stubborn oil-based products to gently sweep them away. Stylecaster magazine agrees, “Cleansing oils solubilize oil-based products (i.e. foundation and mascara) to help lift all of the “gunk” out of your pores.” Watch this video for tips on this first step of a double cleanse.



Step 2: Deep Cleanse

Once you’ve removed the makeup, move onto step two of the double cleansing method: cleansing your skin more deeply. After using the Eminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing Oil or Wildflower Cleansing Balm to gently remove your makeup, simply return to your favorite Eminence Organics cleanser to wash away the dirt, dead skin and grime accumulated on your complexion. With this two-step process, you purge both types of impurities that can clog and dull your skin.

Double Cleanse For Your Skin Type

With your new double cleansing routine, there is no need to give up the cleanser you’re already using. You can add the light and luxurious Eminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing Oil to your routine and ensure that your makeup is removed effectively. Or you can turn to the gel balm texture of Wildflower Cleansing Balm which you can massage into your skin to melt away makeup and impurities. No matter which oil cleanser you choose for your first step, you can return to your favorite cleanser for step two and thoroughly remove remaining dirt, pollution and grit from your pores.

New to double cleansing? Here are 4 suggested pairings for a double cleansing method, according to your skin type. 

Dry Skin: 

Stone Crop Cleansing Oil or Wildflower Cleansing Balm + Coconut Milk Cleanser

Normal or Combination Skin: 

Stone Crop Cleansing Oil or Wildflower Cleansing Balm + Stone Crop Gel Wash

Oily Skin: 

Stone Crop Cleansing Oil or Wildflower Cleansing Balm + Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate

Experience Eminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, containing Detoxifying Microgreen Complex, for your double cleansing routine. Or choose the transformative Wildflower Cleansing Balm with natural botanical oils. Visit our Spa Locator to find our exceptional oil cleansers at your nearest Eminence Organics partner spa.