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5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer

We all have our own agenda when it comes to our skin concerns. But whether you’re treating signs of aging, large pores or problem skin, one major skin concern we should all think about is sun damage. 

No matter what your skin type, anyone can be victim to the harmful effects of the sun, including premature signs of aging, sun spots and in more severe cases, skin cancer. As the most common form of cancer, a shocking 5.4 million cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer are diagnosed each year. Melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer, will account for about 76,380 cases of skin cancer in 2016 (Skin Cancer Foundation).

On the upside, you can still get your daily dose of vitamin D without causing harm to your skin. The month of May is National Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, so there's no better time to share these 5 simple tips on how to protect yourself against skin cancer.

1. Be Sun Selective

If it feels like your skin is burning, then it probably is.  The sun’s rays are the strongest between 10 AM and 4 PM so, during this time, seek out shade and stay out of the sun as much as possible (Skin Cancer Foundation). When outside during peak hours, take breaks from direct sunlight by relaxing in the shade of a tree or under the protection of an umbrella.

Eminence Organics Tropical Vanilla Body Sunscreen2. Cover up: Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen 

Effective protection from the sun means covering up with a broad-brimmed hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. It’s important to remember that UV damage can occur all year long, so make sure to apply your sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days and during the winter months. Eminence President Boldijarre Koronczay recommends applying a dedicated Eminence SPF moisturizer daily and, for extra coverage, finishing with a dusting of your favorite shade of our Sun Defense Minerals. Sun cancer can occur anywhere on your body, so it’s essential to protect all exposed areas of your skin with an all-over sunscreen like our Tropical Vanilla Body Sunscreen SPF 32

3. Apply Sun Protection the Correct way

Your sunscreen works as soon as it’s applied, right? Well, not necessarily. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends applying one ounce (two tablespoons) of sunscreen to your entire body at least 30 minutes before going outside. As a general rule, sunscreens should also be re-applied at least once every two hours, especially if you’re swimming or sweating more frequently. Click here to see if you’re applying your sunscreen the correct way.   

Quick tip: Especially for men, protect the exposed areas of your noggin with a quick dust of our Sun Defense Minerals. This easy-to-use product is in a powder form so it won’t cause excess oil or buildup on your scalp, and the added bonus is that it’s waterproof! 

4. Avoid tanning beds at all costs

If you have a tan, then you've already sustained skin cell damage. A tan is your body’s response to sun damage, so avoid sunbaking at all times, especially in tanning beds. Still not convinced? A study by the Skin Cancer Foundation found that “people who first use a tanning bed before age 35 increase their risk for melanoma by 75 percent”. Enough said. 

5. Give yourself monthly skin exams 

Another way to protect yourself against skin cancer is through early detection. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “if you can spot it, you can stop it.”  In addition to being the most common form of skin cancer, it’s also the most curable if diagnosed and treated in its early stages (Skin Cancer Foundation). Visit skincancer.org to learn how to conduct your own monthly skin exams.

Do you have any other sun protection tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below and on Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube.



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