Emmy Awards: Celebs Reveal Their Unusual Beauty Secrets

Emmys: Celebs Reveal Unusual Beauty Secrets

TV’s biggest event is upon us - The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards! As with all star-studded award ceremonies – the red carpet will be brimming with beautiful and elegant celebrities showcasing their glamourous gowns, hairstyles and immaculate skin.

We’ve shared red carpet beauty tips with you in the past, but what about the lesser-known celebrity beauty tricks? 

Below are 4 unique celebrity skin care secrets that will give you the flawless red carpet look (if you’re game to try!).

1. The Snail Facial:

Yes, you heard it right, we said snail facials. That means a skin treatment where you let those slimy little guys slowly slide their way across your face, leaving a trail of slime that apparently works wonders for your complexion. Actress Katie Holmes may not physically apply snails to her skin but according to Slice Beauty, “Katie discovered that snail slime skin care products smooth and regenerate damaged tissue leaving her with soft, glowing skin.” 

Why it works: Snail slime has a mix of elastin, glycolic acid and protein which work together to leave the skin with a youthful, camera-ready appearance (Slice Beauty).

Eminence alternative: You can breathe a sigh of relief when we tell you that you can experience the skin benefits of glycolic acid without introducing snail sludge into your beauty routine. This year’s Emmy Award nominee and House of Cards star, Rachel Brosnahan loves our Arctic Berry Peel and Peptide Illuminating System. This effective peel contains naturally derived glycolic acid which is known to smooth the look of wrinkles and rejuvenate the appearance of uneven and sun damaged skin.  

2. Lip Brushing:

In an interview with Best Health Magazine, Toronto-based makeup artist Anna Nenoiu claims that “prepping your lips is key to achieving stunning red-carpet-worthy results”. To get the perfect red carpet pout, Anna suggests exfoliating your lips using a gentle scrub or even a soft toothbrush. You can remove peeling skin on the lips by gently scrubbing the area in a circular motion with your toothbrush (Best Health).

Why it works: By brushing and exfoliating away dry skin on your lips, you’re left with a soft and smooth picture-perfect pout. Lip exfoliation also creates a fresh base for a vibrant, pop of lipstick that will last. 

Eminence alternative: Lip Trio Kit. In three simple steps, this lip treatment system exfoliates, plumps and hydrates your lips with natural ingredients like pineapple enzymes, shea butter and lemon balm. 

3. olive oil treatments:

Natural Hollywood beauties like Julia Roberts and Emmy Rossum only step as far as their kitchen cabinet for their secret skin care weapon. Instead of reaching for a moisturizer, these gorgeous ladies use olive oil to add intense hydrating and nutrient-rich benefits for their glowing complexions. 

Why it works: When formulated for skin care, facial oils work super-hard to add moisture to your skin, balance oil production and provide nutrients. According to makeup artist Anna Nenoiu, “when your complexion is radiant and dewy, your job is half done when trying to get ready for a big event or a red-carpet appearance … A facial oil will help add a camera-friendly glow to skin, especially as it starts to age and becomes drier and less radiant" (Best Health).

Éminence alternative: Facial Recovery Oil. This luxurious facial oil uses a combination of Biodynamic® ingredients such as olive oil, sage leaf oil and tea tree oil to give your complexion a glowing, hydrated and youthful looking appearance. 

If you feel like oils are too rich for your skin type, serums are another effective way to hydrate and moisturize your complexion. Makeup artist to the stars Tina Turnbow is #obsessed with our Eight Greens Youth Serum. At last year’s Emmys, Tina gave Orange is the New Black star Taylor Schilling a flawless ethereal look that was the true definition of hollywood glamour. We look back at Taylor's effortless glow as quintessential Emmy beauty. 

4. coffee body scrubs

Red carpet beauty doesn’t stop at your neckline. When graceful gowns dip below the collar, celebrities are mindful to give extra care to the rest of their bodies as well. For the stunning Halle Berry, a cup of joe isn’t just for sipping. Halle uses coffee grounds as an unusual and effective body scrub (Slice Beauty).

Why it works: Coffee grounds act as an all-over exfoliating body treatment that scrubs away dry skin while stimulating the lympathic system and circulating blood flow. 

Éminence alternative: Natural sugar cane granules in our sugar scrubs serve the same purpose as coffee grounds by exfoliating away dry skin and leaving behind new, soft skin underneath. If you’re looking for a deeper, more intense full body treatment, leave it to the professionals. From chocolate body wraps to cellulite treatments, your local Eminence Spa will instantly make you feel and look like a pampered Hollywood beauty.

Do you have any unique and red-carpet worthy beauty tips that you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below.


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