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Balance Collection

Refine Combination Skin With The New Balance Collection

Maintaining a complexion which combines dry areas as well as oily zones can be a confusing challenge. How do you cope with the split personality of your skin which demands that you hydrate dry patches and moderate oil production at the same time? 

Today, Eminence launches the Balance Collection to target combination skin, offering oil control, hydration and pore refinement for this skin type.

This collection harnesses the power of key natural and organic ingredients to combat combination skin issues and reveal an improved appearance to your skin:

Buchu Leaves: 
What does it do? The buchu leaf extract reduces the appearance of pore size and the look of oily skin.



Pomelo & Green Tea:

What do they do? Vitamin and antioxidant-rich pomelo juice and green tea protect the skin from the appearance of aging.


What does it do? Charcoal helps to remove oil, dirt and other toxins from clogged pores.

These natural ingredients power the products in the Balance Collection to create a new beauty routine for combination skin. Find your balance with our new collection and look forward to a revitalized complexion that is clear, calm and luminous.