Hello Magazine (Canada): October 2006

Au naturel: Going ‘green’ is the hottest trend to hit Hollywood – and beauty counters across Canada

“There’s a really interesting dichotomy in beauty right now,” says Attila Koronczay, operations manager for Éminence Organic Skin Care in Canada, of which Goldie Hawn and Alicia Silverstone are fans. “On one hand, there are more and more people opting for both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, but there’s also a huge consumer interest in organic products from both celebrities and beauty mavens.”

Organic products are those that have grown without the aid of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. “Don’t confuse the word ‘natural’ with ‘organic’”, Koronczay advises. “’Natural’ simply means that the ingredient hasn’t been altered drastically from its original state.” Generally speaking, you can trust labels that read “Contains certified organic ingredients”, but there is really no way of knowing what percentage of organic ingredients make up the product.

Organics can improve the health of your skin and hair, not to mention cause less harm to the environment in the way they’re harvested, produced and manufactured. When products contain chemicals the trace elements can be absorbed into the skin and blood. Organic products allow the benefits of the products to treat the skin and hair more effectively.

Because these products do not use preservatives any products that are older than one year should be tossed out.

Hello! Canada, October 9, 2006, Page 99

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