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Skin Care Routine For Your 30s – Tips To Hydrate and Rejuvenate

It feels like every time you start to understand your skin on a deeper level, things change. And transitioning between your twenties and thirties is no exception! You may have noticed your skin looks more tired than it used to, or maybe it’s feeling more sensitive and dry. Wishing you had visible radiance and hydration in the skin? You’re not alone.

There’s plenty going on with your skin, which is why creating a skin care routine for this stage of your life is super important. What worked before might not be working as effectively – or at all – so it’s time to change things up and look for ingredients that nourish your skin while also protecting against environmental pollutants and free radicals.

What Happens To Your Skin In Your 30s

Where do we even start? The thirties is truly a transitional period in terms of your skin. Skin concerns during your twenties might not be as much of an issue now, but you are starting to notice more prominent signs of aging – attributes such as fine lines, an overall dull or dehydrated complexion, loss of collagen and volume in certain areas of the face or skin that doesn’t bounce back like it used to.

Another factor to consider is what took place in your twenties starts to reveal itself in this decade of life. Too many days out in the sun without sunscreen? Sun spots and hyperpigmentation start to become noticeable. Didn’t use skin care products with antioxidants? Signs of aging, caused by damaging free radicals, begin showing up in the form of fine lines and dry skin.

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Hormones might still be causing issues for skin, even well into your third decade! Fluctuating levels – combined with daily stress, environment and diet – could leave your skin with breakouts and even cystic acne.

You may start to notice that your skin looks more tired, less radiant and may become drier and more sensitive

“You may start to notice that your skin looks more tired, less radiant and may become drier and more sensitive,” Alana Henrikson from the Eminence Organics Product Support team explains. To counteract these common signs of aging, the best skin care routine for this age includes products that exfoliate, hydrate and encourage cell turnover.

What happens to your skin in your thirties? Here are some of the most common considerations you’ll want to address in a skin care routine:

Signs of aging become more prominent

While you might have noticed fine lines, dehydration or hyperpigmentation in your twenties, this is the decade where it becomes even more noticeable in areas such as the forehead, eyes and mouth.

Collagen, elastin and estrogen production starts to slow

As your body ages, production of collagen and elastin (responsible for the suppleness and elasticity of skin) slows down, leaving skin feeling less firm. An estrogen slowdown causes a change in the fullness of your face, especially around the jaw and cheekbones.

Dullness and dryness becomes noticeable

Cell turnover cycles slow down, meaning dead skin cells remain and cause an overall dull or dry complexion. Dry skin also makes it harder for skin care products to penetrate deeper into cells, limiting the effectiveness of nourishing ingredients.

The best skin regimen for this stage involves the essentials – cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen – as well as additional skin care products that help address more prominent signs of aging.

Best Skin Care Routine For 30s Infographic

The Best Skin Care Routine for Your 30s

Want to create an effective and revitalizing routine that addresses common concerns while also promoting radiant and healthy skin? Here are the essentials:

  • Cleanse – Look for a versatile cleanser that removes buildup and makeup from the skin while also gently exfoliating.

  • Toner & Essence – After cleansing, use a toner to brighten and hydrate dull skin. After toning, you can also use a lightweight essence to add moisture. 

  • Exfoliate – Give your exfoliating routine an extra push or polish. Besides, using an exfoliating cleanser, promote cell turnover and brighten the appearance of your skin by using chemical as well as physical exfoliants.

  • Mask & Treat – For areas that need more attention, use natural retinol alternatives to fight the first signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Incorporate a skin-boosting serum or a mask into your routine that protects against free radicals and oxidation. Vitamin C is a great choice, as is something soothing like stone crop for a main ingredient.

  • Moisturize – Always hydrate with products that contain deeply nourishing emollients and hyaluronic acid. An eye cream is also recommended to firm and tighten increasingly prominent fine lines.

  • Sunscreen – A must, always! Protect skin from further sun damage by using a topical sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF.

Additional Steps to Take

Caring for your skin often starts on the inside. Be sure to drink the recommended eight to 10 glasses of water a day, so your skin is hydrated both inside and out. Protective antioxidants through a healthy diet is another valuable addition to your regular intake. You can also keep your skin healthy by reducing stress to a minimum through positive mental health and even engaging in regular exercise!

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This article was originally written in December 2019.