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Éminence Gives Back: Over 6M Trees Planted + More Initiatives

Over 6 Million Trees Planted + Over $100K For Breast Cancer Research + Over 32K Organic Meals Delivered To Sick Children

At Éminence, we are dedicated to making the world a better place. Not only do we provide you with pure, organic skin care to help you take care of yourself, we also have a passion to give back to various charities, supporting their efforts to improve the world. Over the last year, we have donated to over 26 different charities! Each charity we are involved in has a special place in our hearts, but we’d like to share with you some details on a selection of just three of our charity initiatives. 

Did you know that Éminence plants a tree for every single retail product sold? That’s given us the opportunity to plant over six million trees, providing the world with 1.6 billion pounds of oxygen each year - that’s enough oxygen for over one million people to breathe every year AND to offset the carbon emissions from over 40,000 cars every year! Now, this is a "tree-mendous" success in itself, but we’re doing a lot more than simply planting trees… 

Our Forests for the Future Program, in partnership with the nonprofit organization Trees for the Future, helps train farmers in developing countries around the world on how to build productive and sustainable Forest Gardens. Every tree we plant enables the development of these Forest Gardens in rural communities, empowering local people to restore their environment, grow their own food and build a sustainable income and future for themselves, their families and their communities. 

We work in communities where there is a need for education, an opportunity for growth and a passion for improvement. Young farmers in the regions where we are present are often stuck with age-old farming practices that are no longer efficient or in areas where farmers cleared trees to grow monocrops (a single crop that does not rotate with other crops and typically does not provide a sustainable source of income in these areas). These areas are now overgrazed by livestock and the soil is turning into dust instead of a habitable environment to grow much needed fruits and vegetables. This leaves farmers and their families in a place where food is hard to come by and the family must separate in order to find work. As we enter these regions, we educate these young farmers on transforming their degrading land into a fertile Forest Garden, one that can not only feed their family and offer employment to their community, but one that also helps to save the global environment!

Éminence is proud to be able to continually contribute to the development of these Forest Garden Projects, and both we and the local farmers are grateful for each and every purchase that contributes to this amazing and life-changing initiative. Together, we have helped over 280 families regain their livelihood!

In addition to our environmental philanthropy, we’re also passionate supporters of natural health and wellness. Company President Boldijarre Koronczay is a survivor of childhood leukemia and he attributes his survival to the organic foods he was fed by his family while undergoing treatment. Boldijarre and his brother Attila later created the Éminence Kids Foundation in 2014, which now donates organic produce and juices to seriously ill children around the world to aid in their treatment and recovery progress. Keep an eye out for the official website for the Éminence Kids Foundation which launches Fall 2016.

Éminence is also a supporter of cancer research. For every Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer sold, $5 is donated to support Breast Cancer Research, contributing over $100,000 towards these research efforts to date. Annually, our staff also participates in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Run for the Cure, raising additional funds to support this cause!

For more information on all of our philanthropic efforts, please visit our Charities page. 

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