"Immortal" Highlander TV Star Adrian Paul Credits Éminence For "Eternal Youth"

"Immortal" Highlander TV Star Adrian Paul Credits Éminence For "Eternal Youth"

How do we know when we’re good at slowing the visible signs the aging? When an "immortal" lauds our Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant for “taking years off”! Adrian Paul, best known for playing the centuries old (yet eternally youthful) Duncan MacLeod in the Highlander TV series, recently praised our products for keeping him young. Writing to company President Boldijarre Koronczay, Adrian jokes that “At 400+ years old, I need it”! He also names his favorite eye care: “I love the [Bearberry Eye Repair Cream]. It really helps after the long hours on set.”

Adrian not only stays youthful in his acting and directing career, he keeps young at heart by making a positive difference to the lives of children through his charity, The PEACE Fund. In 2006, Adrian joined people of the stature of Mikhail Gorbachev as a recipient of the WorldWide Charitable Alliances’ Peacemaker Award.

As a fan of Adrian’s ageless Duncan MacLeod as well as his charity work, we’re pleased to know that the admiration is mutual. To quote the iconic Highander: “There can only be one”... organic skin care line for our celebrity fans! 

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