Could This Plant Reduce The Appearance of Aging Skin?

Could This Plant Reduce The Appearance of Aging Skin?

The key to younger-looking skin? It could be hiding right in front of you. The stone crop (also known as sedum) is a popular household and outdoor plant which, in the past, was traditionally used by herbalists to heal and brighten the look of skin. Scientific studies also confirm that the plant is rich in antioxidants that reduce signs of aging skin (National Center for Biotechnology Information). 

Here are three ways that stone crop could be a major factor to youthful-looking skin:

For centuries, the stone crop plant has been applied to skin ailments as a rejuvenating and healing element. From wounds to warts to eczema, stone crop’s unique qualities treat a wide range of skin problems. Even mouth ulcers can respond to an application of stone crop (WebMD).  

Not only does stone crop and its water-storing leaves help in the healing process, it also brightens the appearance of skin. Ideal for uneven skin tones, ingredients from these succulent leaves render complexions with a smoother appearance. Aging skin spots also benefit from the brightening effects of stone crop, reducing the look of hyperpigmented skin.

Antioxidants in stone crop are crucial elements which help ward off the aging process. These natural chemicals capture those pesky free radicals which damage your cells and promote aging skin. With powerful antioxidants fighting off harmful free radicals, your skin has the opportunity to refresh and look renewed.

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